5 responses to “Freemasonry and the Occult”

  1. Gregory Edmonds

    I love being a Mason I’m proud and loving it to my god

  2. goparlen nalimoothoo

    hi i like ur comment but i have to ask u some quest ion about freemason ? wat the different between freemason and rosicrusian

  3. Kabelo

    I respect The Societas Rosicruciana way too much. I understand that it is not by invitation that one has to become a member, I am basically a Rosicrucian and would like to obtain the necessary tools/resources/uniform or any other special resources that a constituent Rosicrucian is characterized with.
    If maybe there is some advice you can give me, it would be very considerable of anyone to help me with that!!!

  4. dafe

    What is the important of this Freemasonry a lodge is near my house I understand u pay as much as 13000 pounds to be a member .I still can’t say what benefit comes with it .

  5. hsabin

    This sounds like a crock to me…but everyone has their own beliefs so have fun!!

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