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SAMSS Home · SAMSS Descripción: 35 Author: Cherukunnon Jubu. 29 downloads Views KB Size. Report. Materials System Specification SAMSS API Line Pipe Materials and Corrosion Control Standards Committee Members Anezi. SAMSS Carbon Steel Pipes On-Plot – abr – Materials System in accordance with Saudi Aramco specification SAMSS

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A AM — 01 Carb Only electrodes identified on the samsx welding procedure shall be used. A bill of materials indicating the specific ASTM or equivalent material specification for each part. This standard is not applicable to pipe manufacturers. For each section containing cracks only, a photograph shall be taken of the complete cross-section.

Purity of the utilized salts and H2S for the test solution. All testing shall be in compliance with this standard. Recycling of crushed slag or contaminated flux is not permitted. It is applicable to pipe with wall thickness of 0. The markings shall be paint stenciled using a medium and protective varnish that will provide a legible marking for at least one year of outside storage.

Form HIC Testing: This stripe is intended to provide identification until the pipe is installed. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google sammss Additional requirements such as, but not limited to: Special considerations apply to plating on stainless steel substrates.

H2S gas generated from chemical reactions, e. Brand name of “G” consumable, if used, is an essential variable.


The sealant injection lines shall be piped up separately to approximately mm below the operating level and terminate in a horizontally-installed one-piece sealant injection fitting giant button-head type with internal check valve mechanism. Each traverse shall consist of indentations in accordance with Figure 1, as follows: Q, R, or N Welded pipe: The defects listed below shall be disregarded: Recycling of asmss slag or contaminated flux is not permitted. As an alternative, it is acceptable to carry out inspection for laminar imperfections on pipe adjacent to the weld seam in accordance with ISO with the acceptance criteria given in Table K.


This standard is not applicable to pipe manufacturers. Welded pipes ordered for non-sour service shall be identified by painting a white longitudinal stripe, 2 inches wide by 18 inches long, on the inside surface of both ends.


If no defects are located during re-examination, the original findings may be ignored. Additional scanning may be required by the Purchaser’s Representative to check questionable areas. The purity of the H2S gas shall be This requirement does not apply to seamless pipe. The indentation on the weld metal shall be separated from the indentation on the HAZ by at least 0.

For spiral-seam pipe, an 8 inches straight template parallel to the pipe axis may be used. This stripe is intended to provide identification until the pipe is installed. If the purchase is made through a Contractor to Saudi Aramco, refer to the contract for the appropriate approval authority.

Supervision of Level 1 personnel and interpretation of results shall be done by Level 2 employees. The acceptance criteria in paragraph 9.

Documentation for HIC testing facility, including, but not limited to the following: The template must conform to a circle of the pipe’s nominal diameter and the length of the template must be one-fourth of sqmss nominal diameter, except that it need not be over mm. For sizes greater than 12 inches nominal diameter, test one sams per lengths.


Unions are permitted only in the extended lines of in-line repairable valves top-entry ball valves and through conduit gate valves at a suitable location to facilitate removal of the bonnet.

If one or both of the retest groups fail to meet the acceptance criteria, the heat shall be rejected and materials specified in the Purchase Order shall either be tested heat by heat or rejected entirely at the discretion of the Vendor. Page 16 of 28 Document Responsibility: The manufacturer, trade name and type sanss weld wires and fluxes used for the PQR shall be specified on the WPS as essential variables.

Page 28 of Workmanship and Defects Other Defects [addition] For pipe that is intended to be subsequently coated See Section Ithe surfaces to be coated shall be essentially free of scabs, slivers, cold laps, burrs or other surface defects that would impair the coating.

For other sizes, valve end flanges shall be fitted with plywood covers. Spiral-seam SAW pipe shall be limited to nominal diameter size of 16 inches or larger. Three samples shall be cut from one end, across the width of the plate.

For spiralseam pipe, a mm straight template parallel to the pipe axis may be used. Specimens of typical parent material microstructures on a plane with the same orientation as that used for cracking evaluation.

Cold expansion of 0.