Salò o le giornate di Sodoma (original title) In World War II Italy, four fascist libertines round up nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to one hundred and twenty days of physical, mental and sexual torture. Pier Paolo Pasolini. MARQUIS DE SADE • DAYS OF SODOM • DIGITIZATION BY SUPERVERT 32C INC. • • p. INTRODUCTION. The extensive wars. Start by marking “The Days of Sodom” as Want to Read: See all 5 questions about The Days of Sodom. Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade () was a French aristocrat, revolutionary politician, philosopher, and writer famous for his libertine sexuality.

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From the castle door emerges the bearded and berobed Duc de Blangis a character from de Sade’s novel who greatly resembles Jesus, the Christwho comforts a young woman who has run out from the castle, before he takes her back inside.

This structure is a reference to Dante Alighieri ‘s “Inferno”. Later he struggles free to aggressively crush a beetle with his shoe. It is perhaps significant that de Sade was interested in the manner vab which sexual fetishes are developed, as are his primary characters, who urge the storytellers to remind them, in later stages, as to what the client in that particular anecdote enjoyed doing in their younger years. This is, indeed, one of the most fascinating aspects of the novel, because it makes an audience of the libertines, almost in the same way that you, the reader, are; and just as the power of suggestion works upon them, there is the chance it will work upon you too.

Sade wrote this novel in his cell in the Bastille, where he had been imprisoned for his immoral behaviour. But if there was ever a case for a parent putting their foot down and taking a book away, this dwgen it.

The Duke orders the guards and studs to undress her. If you make it through the introduction, you will be greeted with the first of 4 books, each book containing passions as told by storytellers ex prostitutes and derelicts intended to get the 4 main characters sexually excited and to inspire them to perform similar acts upon their captured sex slaves.


In the book I can say that I found what I expected, narratives of extreme sexual acts interrupted by sermons in favor of social inequality dagrn against all forms of compassion towards the weak.

Edited by James Havoc. The work went unpublished until the early 20th century. Sade wrote that he “wept tears of blood” over the manuscript’s loss. Was this review helpful to you? Trivia About The Days of S As I sat daagen to write about Days of Sodom there were a large number of themes that I intended to explore. The most interesting parts in here were Dulcet’s anecdotes.

During this, she begs God for death and the Duke punishes her by defecating and forcing her to eat his feces.

Just know that some of the most offensive experiences of your life are skimmed over as minor details in this book in order to get to the actual point. The reason for my hesitancy will look strange to you, but it was not the creepy descriptions of extreme sexual passions for which this book is famous, the reason was purely political.

Camille Paglia considers Sade’s work a “satirical response to Jean-Jacques Rousseau ” in particular, and the Enlightenment concept of man’s innate goodness in general.

The 120 Days of Sodom

It is no coincidence that they are authority figures in terms of their occupations. The Days of Sodom is a hefty story, therefore the easiest way for me summarize this fuckery is by sodoom it to a buffet style restaurant. The logical conclusion will be the sacrifice of all the victims in a final orgy of blood and lust. It remains a highly controversial book, having been banned by some governments due to its explicit nature and themes of sexual violence and extreme cruelty, but remains of significant interest to students and historians.

Salò, or the Days of Sodom – Wikipedia

Franco Citti was going to play one of the soldiers’ studs, but he did not appear. This is because the men have designs upon the shit, but also because they enjoy the power, they enjoy how unhappy it makes the boys and girls. View all 51 comments.


The film is separated into four segments with intertitles, based on Dante sodok Divine Comedy: Sade described his work as “the most impure tale that has ever been told since the world began”. First, I wanted to see if I could handle it because I tend to enjoy offensive things that test the limits of what I can endure.

Retrieved 25 January Well, what’s to like? Nikos Nikolaidis ‘ The Zero Years has been compared to the film. One of the things that I like most about good literature is its ability to break the confines of conventionalism. May 06, Neil rated it liked it.

It’s very much a stage-set with everyone in the story playing an essential role in a social structure. Several outdoor scenes were filmed in Villa Aldini, [23] a neoclassical building on the hills of Bologna. The work itself exists to demonstrate violence for violence’s sake, with the plot–if you can call it a plot–existing just to bring the audience to the next act of sexual sadism.

Very hard to take, but in its own way an essential work. Moreover, consider again some of what de Sade tells you about them: This concern about the wider circulation of the works was as revealing of class anxieties as it was about attitudes towards Sade. Dagsn other projects Wikimedia Commons. This can be disorienting! Certain to repent of the pleasures they taste, they vann their delight in quaking, in such sort they become at once virtuous in crime ssodom criminal in virtue.

But it’s a thought provoking book, and Marquis de Sade’s great sense of humor and satire is quite charming.