The 12BE6 is a heptode or pentagrid valve. The heptode is classically pins, is 47 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type 12BE6 was first introduced in 12BA6. 12BE6. Page 1. !! C. CE ELECTRONICS. 12BABE6. – DESCRIPTION AND RATING. BA6. 12BA6 Remote-Cutoff Pentode. The 12BA6 is a. electron Tube Data sheets – 1. 12BE6, General Electric, H, ( bytes). 12BE6, Brimar, H, ( bytes). 12BE6 photo, RCA (RC30).

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In order to distinguish between the two versions of the heptode, manufacturers data often describes them as “heptode of the hexode type” for a heptode without a suppressor grid, and a “heptode of the octode type”, where a suppressor grid is present. A cursory look through European Hexode-Triode frequency converters shows a range of conversion transconductanc between uS and uS. The valve would have been very inefficient, but, 12ge6 importantly, the capacitive coupling between the two grids would datasehet been very large.

The novel part about the design was that grids 2 and 3 were constructed as beam-forming plates. The cathode was connected to a secondary coil on the oscillator coil and thus coupled the oscillator into the pentode mixer section, the signal being datahseet to grid 1 in the conventional manner. Introduced by Sylvania in and used mostly by Philcothis valve was the product of adding a suppressor grid to type 7B8which was the loctal version of type 6A7.

Dstasheet used a 12SG7 at the IF amp. However, the Ferranti company of Datassheet Britain entered the valve business with the first known UK-produced pentagrid, the VHT4late in though it must have been in development, and would certainly have existed as a prototype well before that time. At least one reference claims that the bi-grille was self-oscillating, but this has not been confirmed.


I compared reception for three different stations:. What was the goal to develop a reliable self-oscillating mixer?

This allowed Philco to use this valve in every line of radio throughout the s. Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum. Because grid 2 was a ‘leaky’ anode in that it allowed part of the modulated electron stream through, the oscillator was coupled into the mixing section of the valve.

Pentagrid converter

The idea was 12ve6 produce a single valve that not only mixed the oscillator signal and the received signal and produced its own oscillator signal at the same 21be6 but, importantly, did the mixing and the oscillating in different parts of the same valve. My method to deal with this difference in capacitance is a short procedure:.

Grid 1 acted as the oscillator grid in conjunction with grid 2 which acted as its anode. The All American Five was to use a pentagrid converter from when it first appeared inright up until valves became obsolete when transistors took over.

It would therefore have been quite impossible to prevent the signal from one grid coupling out of the other.

Grid 4 screened this from the anode, and grid 5 datashwet a suppressor grid to suppress secondary emission. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. They put on sale inthe X41 triode-hexode frequency changer.

Hot rodding AA5 radios

This was not considered a major problem in broadcast receivers where the signals were likely to be strong, but it became a problem when trying to receive weak signals that were close to strong signals.


I made a casual measurement of the performance improvement with the Teletone daasheet a DC measurement of the AGC line: In the UK, the five grids operated thus. It is known that Donald G. In North America, the only octode manufactured was the 7A8. I was a bit surprised with the dataxheet. Thus a pentagrid radio could easily be converted to a triode-hexode without any other circuit modifications.

It is clear that there is a significant difference in AVC response of these two tubes. One company, Osrammade an ingenious move.

12BA7 to 12BE6 or 12SA7

Some short wave radios managed quite satisfactorily with these devices. The first devices designed to change frequency in the manner described above seem to have been developed by the French, who simply put two grids into what would otherwise have been an ordinary triode valve the bi-grille. RTT Franzis It was not long before the triode and hexode structures were placed in the same glass envelope – by no means a new idea. I datazheet on the 12SG7 tube page and followed some of the radio links.

This page was last edited on 18 Marchat For the 12SK7 is umhos at 12e6 same conditions.

The invention of the tetrode demonstrated the idea of screening electrodes from each other by using additional earthed grounded grids at least, as far as the signal was concerned.