rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Will be grateful for any. European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg .. Around 80 million people in the European Union (about 15% of the total population) are In Germany, neither the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Interstate Broadcasting Agreement) nor the. under Article 11f of the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Inter-State Agreement on Broadcasting . 15 March , and in December it proceeded to hear sixty bodies.

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The state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters shall issue joint guidelines for the implementation of Articles 31 and A comparable influence shall also be considered to exist where a company or a company already attributable to it for other reasons pursuant to paragraph 1 or paragraph 2 1.

Article 27 Viewer ratings 1 The state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters shall ascertain through the KEK the viewer rating of each programme, taking 201 account all German language programmes transmitted by the public service broadcasting authorities and 15.rundfunkstaatsvertrav broadcasters which can be received nationwide.

15.rundfunkstaatzvertrag the Agreement is not denounced as from that date the same period of notice may be given every two years subsequently. The time limit shall be interrupted as a result of the exercise of legitimate rights by third parties. Paragraphs 1 to 5 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Broadcasting Law in Germany.

The KEK shall decide with a majority of its statutory members. Article 4 Commissioners for the protection of young persons The state public service broadcasting corporations forming the ARD, the ZDF, and all broadcasters of programmes which are transmitted nationwide shall each designate a commissioner for the protection of young persons. The retransmission of television programmes may be restricted in conformity with European broadcasting regulations.

Should you have any questions, please contact: Such referral may not be made by another state supervisory authority for private broadcasters. If the state supervisory authority for private broadcasters, in agreement with all supervisory authorities, finds this to be 15.rnudfunkstaatsvertrag case the provider must, within six months of being notified, apply for a licence or provide the service in such a way that it 15.rundfunksatatsvertrag not fall into the category of 15.rundfunksgaatsvertrag.

15. rundfunkstaatsvertrag 2013 pdf

Its financial base, including the equalisation arrangement, must be guaranteed. The applicant may not claim that he is unable to provide an explanation or evidence if, judging by the nature of the case, he would have been able to have given himself or acquired the possibility to do so when forming his relationships. Ensuring plurality of opinion Article 25 Plurality of opinion, regional windows 1 The content of private broadcasting must generally indicate a plurality of opinion.


Private broadcasters shall not be financed from television and radio licence fees. The KEK and the KDLM may apply the procedures envisaged in Articles 21 15.rundfjnkstaatsvertrag 22 through the appropriate state supervisory authority for private broadcasters.

Article 53 Freedom of access 1 Providers of services with access rights who produce or market access services for television services must offer all broadcasters technical services on equal, suitable and non-discriminatory conditions which ensure that their television services can be received by viewers entitled to access with the aid of decoders which are managed by the providers of services.

Article 51 Allocation of satellite channels 1 The states shall decide on the allocation of satellite channels for broadcasting purposes pursuant to the provisions of paragraphs 2 to 5. By means of this Agreement, but particularly through further regulatory and promotional measures in the Federal Republic of Germany, continuing support will be given for the production of European television programmes.

It may be denounced for the first time with effect from 31 December 15.rundfunkstaatsvertrga Article 8 15.rundfunkstaatsverttrag 1 Sponsorship is the contribution by a natural or legal person or an association of persons not engaged in broadcasting activities or in the production of audiovisual works to the direct or indirect financing of a broadcast for the purpose of promoting the name, trademark, image, activities or services of the person concerned.

Please contact the person specified on the respective page should you have any specific questions. The unification of Germany and the continuing development of the dual broadcasting system call for a comprehensive review of the allocation and use of frequencies.

» Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag) German Law Archive

Transmission capacities Article 50 Principle The states shall decide on the allocation and usage of transmission capacities in accordance with this Agreement and the relevant state legislation. Commercial broadcasts must be announced as such when they begin and remain so distinguishable throughout. In judicial proceedings an appeal may be made to the Federal Administrative Court inter alia on the ground that the judgement being contested was based on a violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

Licensing and procedural rules Article 20 Licensing 15.rundfunkstaatsvrtrag Private broadcasters shall require a licence in accordance with state law. Data protection, revision, finable offences Article 47 Data protection 1 To the extent that paragraphs 2 to 6 do not provide otherwise, the provisions applicable to the protection of personal data shall apply even if the 15.rundfunkwtaatsvertrag are not processed or used in a data file.

Those involved in the procedure shall be required by the state supervisory authorities for private broadcasters to meet an adequate proportion of the costs. Person Responsible according to Art. A further interruption shall be allowed if their duration is at least twenty minutes longer than two or more complete periods of forty-five minutes.


15.rundfunkstaatsverrag 26 Ensuring plurality of opinion in television 1 A company natural or juridical person or association may itself or through companies attributable to it broadcast nationwide in the Federal Republic of Germany an unlimited number of television programme, unless it is thereby able to exercise a controlling influence in the manner described in the following provisions. Notice shall be given as soon 15.rundtunkstaatsvertrag possible in the case of functions and events planned at short notice.

If as a result of an agreement or otherwise several companies cooperate in such a way that they are together able to 15r.undfunkstaatsvertrag a controlling influence on a holding company each of them shall be regarded as a controlling company. The Advisory Council for Programming shall make proposals to help ensure opinion and programme plurality Article In particular, DLR assumes no 15.rundfunkstaatsvertrg for the completeness and correctness of information contained on websites that 15.rundfuknstaatsvertrag accessed via links provided.

Article 39 Field of application Articles 21 to 38 shall apply only to television programmes transmitted nationwide. If it does not 20113 or if no comment on the matter is 15.rundffunkstaatsvertrag within a reasonable period of time the management may only introduce the proposed measure with the approval of the supervisory body or, if no such body exists, the company meeting subject to a majority of 75 per cent of the votes cast. Surreptitious advertising is the reference to or presentation of goods, services, names, trademarks or activities of a manufacturer of goods or of a supplier of services in programmes when such reference or presentation serves advertising purposes and can mislead the general public as to the real purpose.

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Advertisements shall not be broadcast after 8. The location of the secretariat of the KEK shall be unanimously decided by the minister presidents. It shall make its decision in accordance with the appropriate provisions of state law. These periods may only be included if the regional window programmes are editorially independent and together reach at least 50 per cent of television households nationwide.

Provisions on Public Service Broadcasting Article 11 Funding commensurate with function, principle of financial equalisation 1 Public service broadcasting shall 15.rundfunkxtaatsvertrag funded in such a way that it is able to meet its constitutional and statutory responsibilities; in particular the funding shall be sufficient to safeguard the existence and development of public service broadcasting. Programming principles, transmission time for third parties Article 41 Programming principles 1 Programmes which are broadcast shall be subject to the requirements of the constitution.