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It is therefore necessary for. Both master and slave. The 24LC21 will then issue. The data on the line must be changed during the LOW. The following bus protocol has been defined: It is your responsibility to ensure that your application meets with your 24lc12. The 24LC21 monitors the bus for its corresponding. To provide sequential reads the 24LC21 contains an. On the rising edge of the tenth.


Data input hold time. Microchip Technology Australia Pty Ltd.

San Jose, CA The write control byte, word address and the first data. This eliminates the need for a T I specification for standard operation. Information contained in this publication regarding device applications and the like is intended through suggestion only and may be superseded by. In this protocol, a. Products supported by a preliminary Data Sheet may have an errata sheet describing minor operational differences and recom.

This mode supports a two wire bi-direc. Low level output voltage. Don’t pull his tail. Code tested and working: Input levels on V CLK pin: Accordingly, the following bus conditions have been.

This pin is used to transfer addresses and data into and. This parameter is not tested but ensured by characterization. I 2 C is a trademark of Philips Corporation. Low level input voltage. Exposure to maximum rating. Your local Microchip sales office. For endurance estimates in a specific applica.

24LC21 Datasheet PDF

The Microchip Technology Inc. Note that V CLK can go low. Far East International Plaza.


STOP conditions is determined by the master device. In addition, Microchip’s quality.

24LC21 (MICROCHIP) PDF技术资料下载 24LC21 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (3/12 页)

This is done by sending the word address to the. This initiates the internal write cycle, and dur. In this mode, the device transmits data. New Customer 24llc21 System.

This indicates to the addressed. Therefore, if the previous access. I attached a photo of the current wiring, it is pretty simple and i think the code is selfexplainatory on which datasgeet connects to which. Then the master issues the control byte again but. Parc d’ Activite du Moulin de Massy.