is generic audio dual opamp (see NJM for datasheet). Aside from working at very low voltages (+/- 2V?) there is nothing special. RC Dual Audio Operational Amplifier. Operating Voltage. ┬▒18 V Low Noise Voltage. ┬ÁVrms (TYP) Wide GBW. 12 MHz (TYP) Low THD. % (TYP). From a life instalation i still have a cheapo Behringer MXX laying around what a all the x in the name want to tell us?.

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Then the whole build quality is horrible anyway and that thing won’t survive for more than a few years.


Any senior east german chip developer around here? Maybe the RFZ sounds better than all the others? The desk has a good layout That the win is little or even negativ fx occur when changing a working design so drastical is no surprise. The non behringer sounds was hearable. If you just put them in a circuit designed for cheaper opamps you can easilly make a stable circuit oscillate.


Is the source of the Behringer sound the NJM op amp?

So ideal chips would probably be something which wouldn’t cost 3x what the mixer did if you ended up needing a bulk of 20 or so while still being a sonic step up from the A big step forward? February 11, Allmost all op amps are NJM What op amps would be good to replace the NJM?

Some time ago I tested the behringer mx, a mackie cfx and a phonic MRX for a magazine The behringer was the worst of all.

The phonic with the opamps was much better. November 01, I am thinking about OPA The german engineers probably would have prefered 458 use less transformers in the signal path Just remember — if the world didn’t suck, we would all fall off. Eric Eric’s Audio Repair http: I’m not really an electronics expert but I’ve read enough opamp-swap-threads here to know that swapping opamps isn’t easy and it usually doesn’t do much good. Any good argument can stop me before its too late ;- Thats this is a pretty uneconomical project is clear Is the behringer sound just a result of a sloppy slewrate?


The sound of the mackie was the best of all.

What a circuit does add is as important as doesn’t add. I’d probably try to find something the is alot easier to mod, with individual channel boards It sounded damn good. opxmp

Started by Nat The Lab. The Filters have the standard asian darkgreen foil caps Started by StephenGiles Studio A.

Just the faders are horrible But what happens to the mean uggly behringer when doing just simple things like opamp replacement and maybe bypassing some caps? The smd board of the behringer dont allows many trys Or are there hidden traps? This btw is done because regulations from official side I bet if you ever did some modifications with 458 modular desk with seperated channels, you wouldn’t go the behringer-mod way.