The Antalya rock climbing guidebook has recently been unavailable, but it is now back in stock. Antalya is the best and most extensive rock climbing area. Rock climbing. The JoSiTo guesthouse camp is situated directly in heart of the climbing area of Geyikbairi. Depending on the sector all of the crags are between . A Rock Climbing Guide to Antalya cover photo, 70 kb. Author Öztürk Other editions of this guidebook. A Rock Antalya crags, # climbs, Rocktype, Faces.

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It is recommended climbers insure themselves, against injury to person and property and third party risks.

Geyikbayırı, Antalya: The Beating Heart of Sport Climbing in Turkey

Bus tickets one-way from Istanbul cost between 65 and 90 Turkish Lira. Kelsey Yuhara 24 February, All approaches are free access as it is all part of a national park with no rigid rules and no supervision. Did you know that you can create an account to record, track and share your climbing ascents? Ceuse is famous for its list of superb routes from F7a to F7c, though the quality of the routes outside this grade range is also exceptional.

Fortunately, there is a growing grassroots resistance among the climbing community.

The intense heat and humidity of the summer months guidebookk to push locals and tourists toward the Mediterranean coast, just an hour away. Once in Antalya, the path of least resistance, but also the most costly option is to arrange the airport transfer with your accommodation.

Approach All approaches are free access as it is all part of a national park with no rigid rules and no supervision.

Atdaa – The Outspoken Travel Guidebook

Ethic There are no restrictions aside from respecting the environment as the local government has been very tolerant and we don’t want that to change. Far East and Austrailia. It has since grown very fast and is widely considered to be one of the best areas in the world for all levels and ages. The domain name www. Visit while you can and do what you can to support the overturn of this permit.


Country guide to climbing areas App Case Study: The Antalya rock climbing guidebook has rick been unavailable, but it is now back in stock. Recent Post by Page. Access is easy, by car or minibus, via a single paved rokc and there is no walking for more than 10 minutes. This area was discovered in by one of Turkey’s top climbers.

Link for the petition. Locals and long-term travelers still climb during the winter months, although a rainy week can make most routes slippery and wet. Antalya is the best and most extensive rock climbing area in Turkey, particularly the crags of Geyikbayiri and Olympos.

The east-facing slope gets morning sun and afternoon shade can more details can be found again in A Rock Climbing Guide to Antalya. There are multi-pitch routes in the gorge, along with slabs, steep walls roci overhanging tufas on crags surrounding the village, all on brilliant limestone rock.

Also included is information about the deep water soloing DWS to be found at Olympos. Worldwide Rock Climbing Guidebooks. All places have toilets and showers with antalyw degrees of hot water and typically offer breakfast or dinner for an added fee. Registered in England and Wales no.

Rock climbing

Each area has a good location map, and a general description of the rock climbing to be found at each crag. Top editors anralya karma. Thousands of climbers are already doing this.

The new definitive Siurana rock climbing guidebook has just been published that describes over 1, routes. Description This is the definitive rock climbing guidebook for Antalya describing all the sport climbing to be found at Geyikbayiri, Olympos, Citdibi and Kaputas.


The rock itself, a large expanse of limestone carved into the mountainside, offers climbing for all preferences and capabilities. Access issues Access is easy, by car or minibus, via a single paved road and there is no walking for more than 10 minutes. Most accommodations also offer airport transfers directly to the camp for approximately 40 euro per person if arranged ahead of time.

Siurana Rock Climbing Guidebook Siurana is a tiny village is situa The routes are long, steep, and sustained requiring plenty of stamina that range from overhanging jug feasts to steep technical walls. Beautiful blue and orange limestone rock, outstanding lines, perfectly formed pockets and a long heritage all contribute to Ceuse being regarded as the best sport climbing crag in the world.

As the heart of the burgeoning sport climbing community in Turkey, the loss of this place is unimaginable.

European Rock Climbing Guidebooks. Nestled among the sectors, several camping, bungalow and guesthouse places have taken root. Between 20 to 30 new routes are opened every year and visitors are welcome to contribute guideboo, that with local advice. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Accommodation for Rock Climbers.

Joanna Um 31 March, Share on Share on. The petition at Change. The series of steep orange and grey limestone walls, slabs and overhangs produce routes that are sustained and therefore required lots of stamina.

Geyikbayırı, Sport climbing | theCrag

The guidebook also has many excellent action photographs. Some routes are still open for first ascents. Africa and the Middle East. Return to rock climbing in Turkey. Users must remember climbing is a dangerous sport and must rely on their own judgment and skill.