Soroush, Abd al-Karim. (b. ). Iranian intellectual and political activist. Studied pharmacology in Iran, and chemistry, history, and the philosophy of science in. Iranian Intellectuals on “Islam and Democracy” Compatibility: Views of Abdulkarim Soroush and Hasan Yousuf Eshkevari. intellectuals of Iran: Abdulkarim Soroush (b. ), who sees no contradiction between Islam and the freedoms inherent in democracy, and Hasan Yousuf.

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Abdolkarim Soroush – Wikipedia

In this magazine he published his most controversial articles on religious pluralism, hermeneutics, tolerance, clericalism, etc. It argues that… Oxford Bibliographies: Abdolkarim Soroush, a post-revolutionary […].

Religious Tyranny is Crumbling: From Wikipedia, sorousb free encyclopedia. Ce qui se passe en Iran? A law imposing penalties on anyone associating with enemies of sroush Islamic republic is thought by his allies to have been at least in part provoked by some of Soroush’s lectures and foreign affiliations.

Soroush, Abd al-Karim

He believes that the assumption of innate goodness of mankind, shared by radical Utopians from anarchists to Islamic fundamentalists underestimates the staying power of social evil and discounts the necessity of a government of checks and balances to compensate for the weaknesses of human nature. Sign up to receive email alerts from Oxford Islamic Studies Online. He is one of the most controversial figures in the religious and political polemics of postrevolutionary Iran….

As he told one interviewer, “True believers must embrace their faith of their own free will – not because it was imposed, or inherited, or part of the dominant local culture.


He has welcomed of such study in his interview with Professor Forough Jahanbakhsh – inquiring into modern Iranian intellectual history.

I would like, if I may, to abduk a few words to you. Arberry, first published ; The Qur’an, translated by M. Soroush’s main thesis, entitled The Theoretical Contraction and Expansion of Shari’a separates religion per se from religious knowledge.

He is currently associated with the Iranian Academy of Philosophy. Iran portal Biography portal.

Soroush, Abd al-Karim – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

It was after receiving a master’s degree in analytical chemistry from University of London that he went to Chelsea Collegea constituent college of the University of London which was merged with two other constituent colleges: Over the past five decades, all the broad political movements in Iran have been religious in nature. Iranian intellectual and political activist. He submitted his resignation from membership in the Cultural Revolution Council to Imam Khomeini and has since held no official position within the ruling system of Iran, except occasionally as an advisor to certain government bodies.

Subscriber Services Contact Us Help. The ballot boxes tremble and ogres dance in the dark. About a thousand audio tapes of speeches by Soroush on various social, political, religious and literary subjects delivered all over the world are widely in circulation in Iran and elsewhere.

Other public appearances, including his Thursday lectures, were banned. His travel was restricted, then his passport confiscated. He is one of the most controversial figures in the religious and political polemics of postrevolutionary Iran… What is Islamic Philosophy?

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With greetings to the distinguished scholars and elders of religious learning. His principal position has been that of a researcher in the Institute for Cultural Research and Studies. To become a believer under pressure or coercion isn’t true belief. He participated in the Iranian revolution ofserving as one of its ideologues. Philosophers by century CE. Also a scholar in residence in Yale Universityhe taught Islamic Political Philosophy at Princeton University in the academic year.

Supplied photo The popular view of Islam has been skewed by the actions of minority extremists, according to world-renowned academics. Religious democracy is an example of how democratic karrim can exist in a different cultural elaboration than what is usually known before.

Philosophy of Religion Social and political philosophy. The Koran Interpreted, a translation by A. Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the abolition of the institution of the Caliphate inIslam has become a focal point of reference for a variety of pan-Islamist movements, intellectual arguments and political activists.

The former, the essence of religion, is perceived as beyond human reach, eternal and divine. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Western Philosophy Islamic Philosophy. Interview with Abdulkarim Soroush By: It portrays human beings as weak and abduk to temptation, even predation.