Albizia odoratissima (Chongrak Wachrinrat). LOCAL NAMES. Bengali (tetura, kakur siris,koroi); Burmese (thitpyu,thitmagyi); English. (black siris,fragrant albizia . Common name: Black Siris, Ceylon rosewood, fragrant albizia, tea shade tree • Assamese: কৰৈ koroi • Bengali: কাকুর সিরিস kakur siris • Garo. Albizia odoratissima (L.f.) Benth. in Hook.. Lond. J. Bot. Baker in Hook . f., Fl. Brit. Ind. ; Talbot, For. Fl. Bomb. Pres. & Sind,

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Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. Learning Platforms Gardeners Albizix wiki. Can be applied to all house plants and vegetable plants. The present study was conducted to analyze tree species diversity in the tropical forests of the Ea Blunting Effect It has a moderate blunting effect on the cutting edges because of its hardness. The bark is dark grey with odoratiissima lenticels. Rotary Veneer Cutting This timber is reported to be suitable for lamination.

If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment. M, Mimosa odoratissima L.

Search in all groups Search within this group. General Housing 10 – Silica in Timbers. It prefers a mean annual rainfall between – 3, mm and normally experiences a 4 – 5 month dry season. Actual Dry Kiln Program http: Some of this nitrogen is utilized by the growing plant but some can also be used by other plants growing nearby.


It is Albizia odoratissima only, In A. In Calcutta you may find a number of siris wth greenish white flowers, often identified as lebbek.

Black siris can be grown in the tropics and subtropics at elevations from sea level to 1, metres, where it tolerates a wide range of temperatures and rainfall. But my favourite is the raintree Albizia saman with pink powder puff flowers and a spreading lovely crown.

Albizia odoratissima Images

In any event, the source must be explicitly quoted. Renu, Sanjana Julias Thilakar, D. Will be glad to know its meaning too.

Does not alblzia altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. Uses and Management Uses and Management Uses. Top 10 flowering plants Top 10 flower bed plants Top 10 fragrant plants Top 10 fruit plants Top 10 ground covers Top 10 hard to kill plants Top 10 herbs.

Publisher Kampong Publications, California. It does not look like F. Encyclopedia of Life EOL. Requires a well-drained soil and a position in full sun or light shade. Thank you very much Views Read Edit View history.

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A mean annual diameter increment of 1. Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. About two centuries back Alexander von Humboldt in his famous S.

Albizia odoratissima (L.f.)Benth. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

An on-line version is also available. Albizia Species For ID: Get 1 Plant O Boost Free. It has become naturalised over large swathes of Tropical Africaextending from Kenya down the east coast through TanzaniaMalawi and Zimbabwe as far south as Mozambiqueand is grown in JohannesburgSouth Africa. Take the case of Albizia. The odoratisskma produces an insoluble gum which is mixed with other gums and used as an extender.

Furniture, Luxury 22 – Dry kiln schedules for commercial woods. Sacred groves are tracts of virgin forest with rich biodiversity, as they have been protected for c Would be lovely to hear their opinions. It could also cover phenomena such as “plant flowering” or “chewing rates”. Identification of Tropical Woods. Evergreen and deciduous forests, Planted as avenue trees.