A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin. When the protagonist of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin follows an invitation to take up residence in the secret Dream Kingdom that his school. Author: Alfred Kubin The Other Side tells of a dream kingdom which becomes a nightmare, of a journey to Pearl, a mysterious city created.

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Everything from buildings to silverware is old and worn. This must be the most weird and puzzling book I have ever read. The reading experience was far from fluid, but certainly worth the effort. What won me was the second half which is a vivid rendition of chaos come, end-of-times.

A dream idyll becomes a nightmare in this darkly demented tne, whose utterly bizarre narrative pre-empts many of the stranger tropes of twentieth-century decadent fiction. Now imagine yourself sleeping and dreaming as the train enters a cold and desolate landscape. Email required Address never made public.

Edipo invitato a nozze. The shape of the turd is like one of those clouds that looks like a bunny rabbit if you look at it the right way.


Analogies may easily be drawn tye ideas like Jung’s collective subconscious, the cycles of change of taoism,and the karmic principle of hinduism and jainism, and alarmingly to events in the present. Things become increasingly bizarre.

The Other Side

Newer Post Older Post Home. I piani di lettura si moltiplicano. The sleeping spell spreads rapidly. Nonetheless, this read was an extraordinary experience for me, entertaining to some degree though not at all cheerful.

Tiene un gran manejo de las palabras, de las frases que utiliza para narrar las situaciones que enfrenta nuestro protagonista. Forget Kafka, go for Kubin, for it has much richer inner world and somewhat mystic experience of which there is hardly anything to say beyond true amazement. Your old friend then set out upon the realization of an idea for which access to fairly inexhaustible financial resources is absolutely prerequisite.

It was probably from when I made dead lizards dance as a four year old my biographer says so. The Golem Gustav Meyrink. Da un barlume di comprensione nacque una forza, un’aspirazione The bitchy nurse says some shit now about how that was the point, Europe after WWI, blah blah blah. Please help me spread information on aalfred literature.


Weird #1 The Other Side (excerpt) by Alfred Kubin (1908)

It has been so as long as there have been people, and so lubin will remain. Like not going anywhere. It still sucks when they try to come inside. Am I just naive in that art and personal responses and shit?

The Other Side – Alfred Kubin

Intent is art and then there’s where you run with it. I lost it with the missing luggage. Something about this tbe unconscious in a burned to the ground village made me feel so tired. View pther 68 comments. Eingestellt von Edith LaGraziana um The artist might have seen the omens in the ABC spagettios but did they spell the same in the other most important meal of the day? Your comments will be deleted at once without being read. You know how “They” always is in these suffocating scenarios.