The Paperback of the Amaranth: Book One of the Resistance Trilogy by Rachel Wade at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Rachel Wade (born February 27, ) is an American woman who was convicted of murder in the second degree in the murder of Sarah Ludemann. Entangled in her friends’ quest for freedom, she dives into their realm and faces the threats of the ruler of Amaranth—the mother of all vampires—and her own.

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Camille was vulnerable from her past and trying to make a new life for herself – she did but not neccessarily in rcahel way she wanted.

Camille realises she needs to leave her abusive boyfriend and put her dysfunctional family behind her. I loved this story from the minute I read it. Wrestling to escape a deadly ex-boyfriend while giving Gavin a chance, Camille is confronted with decisions that threaten not only her life, amarath the lives of her inhuman friends she has come to love.

The absence of it in many of my recent reads made Amaranth a refreshing experience. But nothing seems to work! There was nothing predictable about the storyline and I cared enough about poor Gavin to be invested in how things played out. Retrieved from ” https: Thanks to the mods and the author for providing this book for us to read. I wish that the author would have given the reader more of a back story on Audrey and Gabe, but that might happen in the next book.

You need someone like her in your life. This is just a side note, but I love that Breaking Benjamin was mentioned. At first I thought the guy from Seattle had followed her, but no, it’s apparently a new one. Cam is running away from relationship after relationship when she decides she is going to Paris for a vacation.


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Okay, so there are plenty of yucky book covers out there that house good reads but Amaranth has anything but a yucky cover — very beautifully designed. I sensed what this was like for him, the fear that opening up to me, someone he barely knew, would give me power over him. Except for the fact that the boys always have them back at Camille’s house for midnight.

I thought I’d try something different for this review – a reading diary. She wants to believe Gavin could be her special someone, but Gavin has a shadowy past.

Rachel Wade

The next book in The Resistance Trilogy is definitely going to be something to look forward to! And most of those scenes are really heart-breaking.

I for one was slack jawed at the ending of the epilogue. The fantasy added that extra touch of excitement and surreal indulgence that most fantasy readers are highly addicted to. The end is just the beginning and I am anxious to a,aranth the next chapter… I kept reading because Camille was a genuinely interesting character, in my opinion. One of my favorites I have read this year. Wade sent Camacho a text message saying, “Now I know why you’re not talking to me — because you got her.

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One thing I loved most was Camille and the others reactions to situations. I’ve read far too many superhero comic books to believe something this drastic that is not witnessed. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. After finishing you realized that the heart of the story, when girl falls in love with a boy and they stay together against the world, is not so brilliant.


The events are fast-paced, the reader won’t be bored. Dec 10, Lovey Dovey Books rated it really liked it. And while I didn’t love everything about it, I didn’t want to put it down. I could imagine vampires being ab Again another amazing cover. But with Gavin something wrong is coming, something supernatural She is still recovering And even that there are few moments in the book that they are not so much clever, but there are also a lot of scenes that you are reading without breathing.

Rachel Wade – Wikipedia

It’s been a while that I’ve read a book where I so badly wanted to amarangh through those pages and smack the main character in this case, Camille, around.

Overall, I enjoyed the book.

The first few pages of this book I struggled with. It is about love and finding your inner self.

So when the fantasy elements came into play I was blown away! The best way I can describe what I think is to lay out the pros and cons. You have to take your time here and there — I believe it is part of the reason that the characters are so well developed — because Rachael makes you slow down a little racheel experience the book.