View our feature on Douglas Hulick’s Among has been a member of the Kin for years, rubbing elbows with thieves and murderers in the employ. Drothe is a Nose, an informant who finds and takes care of trouble inside the criminal organization he’s a part of. He also smuggles imperial relics on. An exciting new fantasy debut in the underground world of thieves.

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Drothe had more lives then a cat, but unlike Clouseau, who really never knew what was going on Drothe, had a jest and followed the clues where they lead. Return to Book Page.

Among Thieves (Tale of the Kin, book 1) by Douglas Hulick

A very good book this. It flows well from the first act where we see what Drothe’s life is like, to the second act where everything goes wrong, to the third act where he pulls it all together. But when an ancient book falls into his hands, Drothe finds himself in possession of a relic capable of bringing down emperors-a relic everyone in the underworld would kill to obtain.

Eventually I got around to picking it up, and boy am I annoyed that I didn’t sooner! Cancel Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sep 03, D. Joined Jul 24, Messages 4, As a fantasy author, I think Mr. Everything was surprising and refreshingly new from start to finish and took the reader where sometimes just playing the cards your dealt maybe the only way your going to get ahead in the end.

Now, why 2 stars? Just as I was getting weary of one situation, the author ramped up the overarching plot about the journal just enough to keep me interested.

We have to puzzle out what the old masters meant based on their written works, as well as what we know about the society and culture of that time. They are more than vehicles to drive the plot, they are people.


Our hero though starts to get involved as a pawn who thinks he should be and is a rook, in a thievrs intricate plot of a handful of senior top level mob bosses who if they play too hard, the Empire has a history of squelching them. There are long conversations that are completely pointless and tell us nothing.

The emperor has three reincarnations that cycle and have been for hundreds of years. However, if you htieves The Lies of Lock Lamora or any other of the myriad novels about thieves and heists, then you’ll like this book for it’s creative take on the amonng. There but for the grace of God, etc. Among Thieves is told from a first-person perspective as well, yet it has no ulterior motive.

Anyway a very good read and I’m moving straight onto the next book.

As thieves there is no loyalty – no one is willing to die out of loyalty so Drothe summarises it must be fear. I liked the complex relationships in this one too. But this isn’t one of those books where female characters are totally absent or else are characterized based on their sex.

It kind of reminds me of looking through a camera lens zoomed in all the way. The world was vast and the Kin had alot of politics playing behind the scenes like the Grey Princes. Dam errrrr, doggone wordy. As I was tiring of the back and forth between all the different players, the author gave me chapter 25 and Solitude. Magic in Among Thieves is pretty straightforward.

Preview — Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick. The Kin is more than occupation. It’s also edited by Anne Sowards you know, the editor of the Kate Daniels and Edge series and many other awesome books. The power crime lord Drothe works for inspires fear on the street.

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His narrative had me glowing in pleasure, and huulick insights into his thoughts gave him a real depth of character. Drothe is a “nose” I think whose job entails getting information.

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No one steps on Nicco’s turf and therefore he is sure something is going down.

Douglas Hulick

Apr 30, Felicia rated it really liked it Shelves: And there are modern schools set up around the study of these arts. Given that many people are attracted to very long and complex serials, especially in fantasy, I wonder — very vaguely — if we will eventually see more stories being finished by different people to those who started them, if the starting author dies or is too unwell to finish the story.

Well give it credit, it takes skill to make the familiar work as well as Hulick managed to do here. Tales of the Kin 1. Sep 18, Welcome to the new Fantasy Book Critic!!! I can’t seem to think about this novel without thinking of Lock Lamora, but the similarities pretty much end at the fact that they’re both thieves.

Douglas Hulick: No Tales of the Kin 3 coming

Jul 28, Jeffrey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well I couldn’t stop reading this book. Oh noes, and now I have to go after the MacGuffin for unclear reasons! We quickly find out that the Criminal Underworld is in a state of conflict. Well when I first started it I was sure it was going to be at least a 4 star read I want to say “why” it dropped so far.

Or at the least be happy and accepting of it all. Using his night vision – an ability passed down to him by his step father, Drothe searches his dead victim’s belongings.

Lots of action, intrigue, oaths, betrayals, good humor, fun characters. View douglae 5 comments.

Very sophomoric plotting and writing.