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Love, Come to Me

View all 4 comments. I wanted to know more about him, and it is a shame there is no sequel featuring him. Love prevails, kleypaa course.

I was only mildly entertained in a sort of will-this-never-end kind of way. View all 48 comments.

He said all the right things at all the right times and I sighed and clutched this book to my chest so many times I lost count. And x poses an interesting question: I really liked this book. I wanted to throttle Heath and hug Lucy. Once Heath saw Lucy he did not waver in his determination to lsa her. It is different from the other LK books I’ve read but diversity can be good.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the kleyas Kindle App. She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children. This review isn’t so much a review of the content since I don’t have any substantial things to say about that, although the plot description is what drew me in.


Tentunya baru bisa di baca setelah usia 18 tahun yaaaaa Obviously this was not what she believed at first to be her destiny. There were definitely a lot of contradictions with her personality. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Amor, Ven a Mi / Love, Come to Me : Lisa Kleypas :

Trivia About Love, Come to Me. He saw something in her, a potential for the woman she would become, and he went after it with a vengeance.

But soon he was plunging her into a torrid torrent of passion that this New England beauty had never suspected could claim her. Vem would get tiring having men think that women don’t think and they are only there to please them.

Amor, Ven a Mi / Love, Come to Me

My only criticism is that the editor should have done a better job because, at times, I felt there was too much emphasis on the historical aspects which tended to overshadow the romance.

The heroine, Lucy, was slightly more difficult to like, as she had to learn who she was, what she liked doing in life, what she wanted.

It was a good story, but fairly unremarkable.

I usually love Lisa K’s older books but this one was ilsa. I’m surprised there are no characters who don’t know nothing about birthing no babies. View all 18 comments. Those scenes did make me a little uncomfortable with how motherly she was towards him and how quickly he would be offended, cause gosh darnit, he has such delicate sensibilities! There were quite a few characters.

Love, Come to Me by Lisa Kleypas

If you don’t like them by 50 pages in, I would say you’re I aor this book a lot more than I was expecting to! Heath is rather dashing himself and definitely swoon worthy. I didn’t understand the purpose of making him want Lucy too And obviously sinfully sexy, sensually uninhibited Belom lagi waktu si Raine gak mau di usir after kejadian waktu itu, yg bikin Heath pusing dan memutuskan bicara dengan Raine secara pribadi atas permintaan Raine Daniel was an asshat.


I really enjoyed it and I think it helped that I did not compare it with the books klepas is writing now. My second historical romance.

Kleypas — so glad this was re-issued with a chance to re-read an kleypaz favorite! The romance in this book was so extraordinary. I admired her at times but got annoyed with her at others.

Lucinda Caldwell never meant to fall into a freezing cold ice lake and find herself drowning.

Bewildered, startled, she felt his lips against hers, tasting her in a way she had never dreamed of. The rape scene turned me off. May 10, Missi added it. I don’t care how caring and kind and passionate and protective he’s been painted in previous and later chapters, this is rape, and NOBODY who truly cared for somebody would do this to them.