Anna Rountree was caught up in a tremendous vision of Heaven. While there, she was taught by angels & met Jesus himself. Anna Rountree provides readers . The Heavens Opened: Revealing a Fresh Vision of God’s Love for You [Anna Rountree] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Rountrees’ . The Heavens Opened has 45 ratings and 5 reviews. Michelle said: If you haven’t figured me out yet, you should be able to tell from the books I read, that.

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We love you here; do keep in touch. We stood near the raised platform, and I could see the instructor more clearly. You’ve wanted to build on earth, and all of that is sand.

If there are no other questions, you are dismissed. He had brown curly hair and wore a brown, transparent, full-length robe. He was unlacing a pair of silver-tipped, brown, high-topped work boots as he spoke to me.

Your Father wishes you to grow in confirmation from the written Word of all that you see and hear. You will be able to see how effectively the enemy eroded belief in the Lord’s gracious provision of health. As the battering ram rolled past, I tried to catch my breath and settle myself. He is a master of unbelief. They were flying in a wedge formation like a flock of geese. He wore a long white robe and had large, strong, white wings. Suddenly, as if struck by a thought, he called to us.


The Heavens Opened

This amazing and utterly supernatural anointing lasted for several months, and then it was gone. It plowed through houses and buildings, losing little of its speed.

I moved to the base of the stairs and looked up. We both made selections and began to eat. The sound was ancient and terrifying. I suppose, being on the path, you always expect to arrive in the throne room?

Anna Rountree, the Heavens Opened, The Priestly Bride, Sid Roth Interview – Ministry Videos

It was as though God healed everyone for whom I prayed. Both city and wall were the color of the sand and seemed to be half sunk into it, almost reclaimed by the sand from which they had come. As I ran, I frantically scanned the desert basin for a hiding place. A waste of time,” she shrugged.

To ask other readers questions about The Heavens Openedplease sign up. I turned and sat up to face her. I could not tell. Why He gave it and why the anointing lifted, I never understood. Work through this dismay now. The pool was at the base of a high, terraced waterfall. Mark rated it liked it Nov 18, Suddenly I remembered that he knew what I was thinking. She’s almost a classic example of ‘gelatin belief’ touch it and it shakes.


In fact, I had stepped into a stream of such a gift at one time. Return to Book Page.

There were gentle rolling hills, beds of subtly colored flowers, and grass as uniform and green as the rolled lawns of English manor houses. She looked like a little girl, but every so often I could see through her arm or leg and knew her to be a spirit.

Although it moved slowly, people on the desert floor seemed helpless to avoid its path; they were crushed as it rolled over them. There is a place where travelers rest, And lay their heads in peace. They are here to show you exactly what you might be facing with your charges.

The Revealer of Mysteries will reveal this mystery to you. We entered the building. Then a high voice began to sing: Do not, and let me repeat this, do not individually question the redeemed so that you ‘bone up’ before this workout.