Apexi AVC-R Electronic Boost Controller Set-up procedure . Fm AVC-R = White to ECU – pin 9 = Speed Sensor. Here is a link to the AVC-R Manual Link. How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller. By Azeem The supplied installation instructions aren’t bad, follow the FD specific instructions EXACTLY. Today we’ll be showing you how to setup the Apexi AVC-R, ease of adjustment similar to a manual boost controller, this proved to be far from.

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You can display the monitored values in many different ways, bars, graphs and old school style gauges can be displayed on the LED screen. Now pick a setting, A or B Pretty much works like presets on a radio.

To fix this, go into manuao settings manua “ETC”, select car selection or whatever its called and put in the correct settings! To make it easier I cut all of the connectors off and then ran the wires through the bulkhead from the inside. Next you need to install the map sensor.

Have any questions on this mode? External wastegate setup shown below. By adjusting this value, you can reduce the boost until your traction improves, and then raise the boost for each gear or speed afterwards. The following diagram should work for all appexiif you need a thorough explanation of these connections, please refer to the Terminals of ECM. Run a line from COM to the nipple on the actuator.


By aaddzzJanuary 28, in Electronics. Peel back some of the plastic covering to reveal the wires and give you space to splice into the wires. Start-Duty This controls initial spiking – i.

APEXi Super AVC-R Instruction Manual

Cut the two connectors from the stack of wires to make it easier to route the wires through the grommet and later solder and heat shrink them back together. Next you need to match up your wiring to the diagrams below by splicing into the afcr using scotch locks.

So loss of power to the solenoid will result in low boost, not max boost Red – power Purple -rpm1, green and black – ground and white – speed. Pinned an nice write up. Tie wrap the caps securely. So you don’t use injector or rpm2 for any of the wires?

Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m not entirely sure if it makes a difference, but do it anyway just to be sure lol!

These connections should give you correct readings for all the monitors: Run a line from COM to the top of the wastegate. Exactly which method works best depends on your car’s setup and the boost level you want to run. Already have an account?


This manhal is probably one of the biggest items we are asked about from the Apexi lineup, outside of the Super AFC. First start off by reseting the unit. Once you have mounted it plumb it in like so Start with low duty cycle values and increase the duty values until boost is reached.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Ive been looking for a write up like this everywhere for my external wastegate as my boost controller is boosting what ever it wants as i had just the bottom nipple from the wastegate plumbed in and the top venting but it all make sence now!

Map sensor plumbing diagram. Very good Guide feller.

New avc-r install instructions & basic tuning –

Manuzl AVC-R has been enjoyed by several people, but the release of this item came during a time when many enthusiasts were moving away from electronic boost controllers. The single most time-consuming step is splicing into the ECU wires.

And if it seems that a word is missing in a sentence