The Etheric Double was first published in as one of a series by the same author However, their gratitude is due to Powell for his orderly presentation of. Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. As said himself in his introduction, . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary together as to their Arthur

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It is also said to be possible to direct the unhealthy magnetism to certain classes of elementals, where it will find its appropriate sphere. Before Kundalini is aroused it is absolutely essential that a definite stage of moral purity be reached and also that the will be strong enough to control the force.

The former, the ray-type, is determined by the physical permanent atom, which has the type and subtype impressed upon it.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man by Arthur E. Powell

Those who use its energy refer to the force as prana, chi, vital force, orgone or a number of other names. On the selection made by the building elemental depends, for example, whether the body will be naturally clever or stupid, placid or irritable, energetic or lethargic, sensitive or unresponsive. Fohat or Electricity, comprises practically all the physical forces of which we know, all of which are convertible into one another, such as electricity, magnetism, light, heat, sound, chemical affinity, motion, and so forth.

Etheric vision may be temporarily stimulated, e. The etheric centre, therefore, makes a man aware, in his physical consciousness, of the joys and sorrows of ethheric, and sometimes even causes him to reproduce in himself by sympathy their dtheric aches and pains.

The process may be assisted after this preliminary portion of the treatment is completed by washing the hands in water before commencing the etheeic and more positive part of the treatment.

It maybe mentioned, in passing, that the astral centre corresponding to the spleen also has the function of vitalising the whole astral body. In Indian books, eteric, it is mentioned as having only two petals, this being probably due to the fact that it presents the appearance of being divided into halves.


etueric Each of these poell then has the power of evoking from the particles of the astral body the ability to respond to a certain set of vibrations, corresponding to what in the physical world we call vibrations of light, sound, heat, and so forth. Whilst the etheric centres are always on the surface of the etheric body, the astral centre is frequently in the interior of the astral body.

There are seven chakras, or energy points, where this energy collects in the etheric body. It is the lack of development of the etheric centres which accounts for the failure to bring into the physical dkuble memory of astral experiences. This is especially marked round the head. Some of them are absorbed by the body and enter into the various combinations which are constantly being made, while others which are not required are thrown off through any convenient channel.

Such impressions will be received through the retina of the eye, affecting of course its etheric matter. Kilner having referred to the difficulty of perceiving the Aura against a background of flesh, the present writer has wondered whether a suitable background could not be obtained by colouring in some way the skin of the person being observed.

In brilliant sunshine this vitality is constantly welling up afresh, and the globules are generated in incredible numbers; but in cloudy weather there is a great diminution in the number of globules formed, and during the night the operation appears to be entirely suspended. Changes in the Auras may be produced by disease.

The Etheric Double – The Health Aura of Man Arthur E Powell –

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The etheric double is the body of vitality amd electro-magnetism of a being, being composed of prana, bio-plasma, chi, or whatever you wish to name it. The potentialities of heredity are latent in the maternal ovum and the paternal spermatozoon, and from these the elemental makes his selection according to the requirements of the case.

However these books must be read in the following etheeric Arihant Shyamsukha rated it really liked it Jul 14, During the night, therefore, we may be said to be living upon the stock manufactured during the previous day, and although it appears practically impossible that it should ever be entirely exhausted, that stock evidently does run low when there is long succession of cloudy artyur. After their time as etheric fairies they become salamanders or fire-spirits, then sylphs or air-spirits, and later still etherjc pass into the kingdom of the angels.


The compiler would be grateful to any students who would call his ehheric 1 to any inaccuracies in his work; 2 to any omissions of material which he may have overlooked.

There is no doubt that the psychic phenomena they described were experienced by them and, indeed, others have since confirmed some of their accounts. Each of the six spokes then seizes on one variety of atom and despatches it to the chakram or part of the body for which erheric is needed. Read more Read less.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man

The preparation oduble the eye by means of the screens renders it difficult to appreciate accurately variations in the colour of the aura.

Stead in referring to four-dimensional sight, is a perfect powel, not of astral, but of etheric vision. Even the partial withdrawal of the double produces lethargy in the dense body and almost suspends the vital activities: Ddouble death the double finally withdraws from the dense body and may be seen as a violet mist, gradually condensing into a figure which is the counterpart of the expiring person and attached to the dense body by a glistening thread. Out of these nerve-cells, the sympathetic system is built first, by impulses, as we have seen, originating in the astral world: But it is essential to remember that an adopted hypothesis may have to be modified or even rejected as the work proceeds, and this is most likely during the early stages of an exploration.

Piwell centre receives in its outer portion the violet ray which passes through the throat centre, while in its central portion it receives the yellow ray from the heart centre. Thus some sensitive people suffer acutely merely shaking hands with others.

Central portion 12, outer portion Nicotine and alcohol poisoning appear to posell especially liable to produce unpleasant effects in this manner. It is a length that an average person can handle, and written in a way that an average person can handle, but it is extremely academic and informative and after reading it you will have an academic understanding of the topics.