This is the profile for the plant – Asphodelus aestivus / Summer Asphodel / Berwieq. Each plant profile in the database contains nomenclature info, botanical data. This has grown – quite literally – into one of our favorite plants. Much like an Eremurus or Foxtail Lily in effect as it gets long basal strappy leaves and a 4′-6′ tall. (syn: Asphodelus microcarpus) Asphodelus aestivus is an amazing summer- dormant lily relative that ranges from North Africa to Turkey. The evergreen, basal .

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Requires a well-drained soil[1, ]. Commercial baits – molluscicides – made from methiocarb or metaldehyde are effective when used in combination with sanitation.

These insects have a Hemimetabolous life aestvius, i. Balsam Twig Aphid Mindarus abietinus is greenish and covered in a white wax and is normally found on the young shoots of conifers bending and killing the needles. Kindly consider support this website by giving a small donation. To buy images please take not of the image code specific for every image found beneath each individual photo since this is required when filling the online ordering form.

If information supplied is taken from a book, journal or website, please provide the corresponding reference or website address.

There, the leaves are already withered by the time the plants flower. A fruit asphovelus that splits open longitudinally into the cavity of the locule when the seeds are ripe.

The leaves and the cheese last about the same time, three or four days, and thus fresh leaves are a sign of a fresh cheese, while dried out leaves indicate that the aspuodelus is past its prime. Its general connection with death is due no doubt to the greyish colour of its leaves and its yellowish flowers, which suggest the gloom of the underworld and the pallor of death.

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Sow seeds in a flat or germinating bed, through which seedlings are pricked-out then, transplanted into another flat with wider spacing or directly to an individual pot. Propagation Sow fresh seed during spring and in cold climates place in a cold frame. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Plant growth Cool weather plants grow well. A cluster of leaves in a circular arrangement at the base of the plant.

Corrections for mistakes aesrivus errors in this plant profile. The nymphs are yellowish green and are responsible for spreading viruses in Dianthus species. During spring all eggs produced hatch as female nymphs.

The first photo from Max Withers of it in flower in the San Francisco bay area, where it thrives. ASPST Photo of plant or proably 2 plants growing very near to each other since normally, there is only one flowering stalk per plant. Often found growing from underground tubers, bulbs or corms.

Species name :

The heartbreaking truth behind Snape’s first words to Harry in Harry Potter. To be botanically precise, the flower has 3 sepals outer whorl and 3 petals inner whorl which are identical, and so they are collectively referred to as 6 tepals or perianth segments. Attacks are normally more severe during wet periods during which time control measures should be taken.

Because of this it is called the ‘common asphodel’. Xestivus leaves are more erect and wrap around the flowering stalk as a sheath. Aphids are capable of giving birth to aesfivus young and large populations build up quickly during summer.


You can generate Aestivuw for max plants only. The name is derived from a Greek word meaning sceptre. Slugs and snails feed mainly at night, especially after rain or watering; they shelter in cool, moist locations during the day.

Vines and fruit trees.

Please report only Maltese locations for plants that indicated as rare or very rare refer to the Nomenclature section. Acer species are also attacked by the Woolly Maple Aphid Phenacoccus acericola which covers the undersides of the leaves with a cotton-like mass Alnus species aestius infested with the Alder Blight Aphid Prociphilus tessellates which is blue-black adult that forms woolly masses on the down-turned leaves.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

When the weather is cold and dry, snails seal themselves into their shells where they survive, dormant, for years. Asphodel is grown for its flowers and is mass planted along garden borders or used in containers. Felix de Silva Avellar Brotero, Portugal, This plant tolerates between USDA zones 6a to 10a and grows to 1 m 3 ft. Alnus species are infested with the Alder Blight Aphid Prociphilus tessellates which is blue-black adult that forms woolly masses on the down-turned leaves.

Origin Mediterranean, Western Turkey, Zone