Purchase your copy of ASTM E – 02() as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM E at Engineering ASTM E – E – 02 The test methods provide for reporting of specic, distinctive informati.

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Sampling and Test Specimens 7. An example photomicrograph of the wide-range condition appears in Fig.

ASTM E1181 – 02(2015)

Such a method is subject to considerable error. These procedures will be more difficult to apply awtm the Comparison Procedure of E, but will offer greater precision. The grid spacing should be matched to the image magnication to fulll the recommendations of Practice E The entire macroetched cross-section should be used as a basis for estimating area fractions occupied by distinct grain sizes, if possible. Examples of random duplex grain sizes include: Also use the planimeter to measure the total area of the image.

Assigning an average grain size value to a duplex grain size specimen does not adequately characterize the appearance of that specimen, and may even misrepresent its appearance. Click here to display results spreadsheet.

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Examples of topological duplex asstm sizes include: For instance, in Table X2. Any of the Intercept Procedures of E may be used, within the regions of distinct grain size. Four procedures for estimating area fraction are described, the simplest to apply resulting in the least precision, and the most complicated resulting in the greatest precision. Results will be incorporated here when available. Begin by outlining the distinct grain size regions in a given image, either on a transparent overlay placed over the projected image, or directly on asttm photomicrograph.


Choose any of several preparation functions with a single mouse click. Of these, the Comparison Procedure is the simplest, but offers the least precision. Arbitrary Division 1 2 1 1 1 1 Coarse Grain Size no.

And, as an alternative, the test methods offer a procedure for asm determining the distribution of all the grain sizes present in a duplex grain size specimen. The Measuring and Referee Procedures are more difficult to apply, but offer greater accuracy. Use the lowest magnication that allows visual resolution of the coarse- and ne-grained areas as distinct regions.

MSQ ASTM Grain Size Calculation, Grain Size Measurement

The software provides fast and accurate detection of grain boundaries or grain face areas. Such outlining will simplify decisions during point counting, and thus speed the counting process. Suppose that measurements indicate that the surface layers each average 3.

The operator may edit individual images allowing accurate measurements to be made even on zstm samples. Count the number of grid points falling within the particular grain size region being evaluated.


The data in this example were gathered from that photomicrograph, using the procedure of 8. These are available from microscope manufacturers.

Accumulated grain size statistics are displayed in the “Statistics” box. For a tubular product, estimates of area fractions made on longitudinal sections are astj approximations of the same estimates made on transverse sections. The chart shows different area percentages of light grains among dark grains. The Comparison Procedure is the simplest, but offers the least accuracy.

ASTM E – 02() – Standard Test Methods for Characterizing Duplex Grain Sizes

Use Methods E to determine the average size of the balance of the grains in the specimen. The test methods separate duplex grain sizes into one of two distinct classes, then into specific types within those classes, and provide systems for grain size characterization of each type. Asfm area fraction occupied by the ne grain was calculated as the total intercept length in the ne grain region An example photomicrograph of the necklace condition appears in Fig.