The new ATyS M modular changeover system has been designed, tested and proven according to the criteria in the international standard IEC and. The researched Product is not longer available. If you have any questions, please contact your personal consultant. AtyS M6s change-over switch 63A 4P. ATyS M 3s. INSTRUCTIONS SHEET. Automatic Transfer Switch. Ref.: – – – – ATyS M 6s /V Ref.

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Die langsam drehenden Systeme weisen den Vorteil eines relativ einfachen Konzeptes auf. Die Vorteile hiervon sind hohe Leistung bei geringem Gewicht, Kompaktheit, nicht vorhandene Reibung, hoher Wirkungsgrad sowie ein geringer Wartungsbedarf.

AtysM3s, 2(4), 2/4pole,40A/V – ElectroSource

Die Anlage wird nach dem Prinzip “Plug and Play” installiert. Der Agys kann auf einer Palette transportiert werden.

Folgende mechanische Achsen halten die Schwebung der Rotationsbaugruppe aufrecht: Dieses Leistungsniveau beruht auf folgenden Technologien: Die Energie kann permanent abgegeben werden.

Das System zur Bereitstellung des Vakuums im Bereich, in dem das Schwungrad dreht, ist in der Rotationsbaugruppe integriert. Es muss weder gewartet, noch ausgetauscht werden. Hierdurch wird praktisch jegliche Luftreibung ausgeschlossen und die Verluste minimiert. Dienstleistung, Industrie, Medizin, Telekommunikation. Blitzschlag, Arbeiten an Teilen, die unter Spannung stehen oder starke Beanspruchung des Stromnetzes usw.

Die USV stellt jedoch die Notstromversorgung bereit. ATEX enclosures are intended for use in dusty explosive atmospheres in category 2D. Zone 21 and The ATyS 6e and 6m check the phase rotation consistency with the network via a manual mode. The switch can be forced into OFF emergency stop by inhibiting automatic operation and then remotely ordering the switch m6a position 0.

Connect terminals inhibit automatic operation and position 0 order.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Please see the attachement. The auxiliary contact for AUT status is located on terminals The CT inputs are insulated through galvanic isolation therefore, as a result, the secondary can be earthed.

In standard products, padlocking is only possible in position 0. For padlocking in all 3 positions, a factory fitted accessory is required which must be ordered at the same time as the switch see your catalogue. To remotely order into position 0, you must close terminalsand In case of longer distance, insert control relays.

The ATyS 3e, 6e and 6m are equipped with a NO auxiliary contact which closes when the padlocking lever is extended. The auxiliary contatct for padlocking status is located on terminals With regards to space, how many modules are required in order to integrate an ATyS C30 controller into a modular panel? One module is approx.

Chover,AtysM6s, 1353(4) 2(4)012, 2/4pole,125A/690V

The ATyS C30 is mm wide, which equals 6. The internal supply of the controller is fed from terminals and When it is a single-phase network with neutral 1BLit is necessary to connect terminal neutral to terminal The supply measurement is taken between terminals and No, this is not possible. The voltage sensing is always upstream of the ATyS, directly on the sources.


There are two possibilites: It is not a fault contact, it is a “Device Available” contact. The source availabilty LED does not illuminate. Before a source is shown as available, what must the ATyS first verify? To consider a source as available, each ATyS checks different criteria: What is the minimum permissible time between the opening of a pre-break auxiliary contact and the poles of a switching device?

The minimum time between the operation of the auxiliary contact and the operation of the switch contacts is 20 ms. The ATyS D10 enables source availability and switch position to be displayed on the panel front. What is the maximum current for an auxiliary contact of U type and under a rated voltage of V? For bars 9x2x0,8 to 40x10x1 apply a coefficient of 1. For bars 50x3x1 to 80x10x1 apply a coefficient of 1,65 for 2 parallel bars and a coefficient of 2,12 for three bars in parallel.

For bars x4x1 to x12x1 apply a coefficient of 1,60 for 2 parallel bars and a coefficient of 2,02 for three bars in parallel. For enclosure height mm: Reference For enclosure height mm: A customer owns a cabinet which is 8 mm thick. The auxiliary contacts are located either after the switch terminals or at the bottom, at fixation level. Remember that this is only possible if the different loads come from the same mains network, and that the voltages are the same.

European directive transcribed into national laws in the EU countries: In general, all meters where a financial transaction occurs are concerned. Moreover, even if there is no financial transaction, a MID certified meter is always a better proof than a standard meter.

Do a Wiring test press the main button for 3s and check the error number to know which wiring error has been made see instruction sheet to know the detailed correspondence.

The disc contains 3 blocked slots, each dedicated to one switch position I,0,II. The locking position is configured by opening up cutting out the required slot, therefore enabling the choice of locking position. The S type handle enables the deafeat of door interlocking in positions 1 and 2. The use of a tool is required for defeating a door interlocked handle. Check the configuration of the device: Also consult the technical guide about the RS wiring.

Devices communicate through the modbus function 3. The registers m6d addresses in 5xxxx and not 4xxxx. One word is composed by 2 bytes, with the most significant byte MSB at left. These are integers INT. m6e

In general, do not use the DHCP function. There is no specific rule, the rules of the RS apply: Set it to “NO” to avoid this issue. You must use DMT to manage the size of database and you create a new empty database with the device definition.


The password are for device configuration, for software configuration, for administration and m6e on demo mode. To get single-phase voltages and powers per phases, a neutral is required: Remember that this configuration is not recommended where there is no neutral connected to the DIRIS. Voltages and currents are given are RMS valuesso only positive no phase shift consideration at that point.

The active power is calculated with the current and voltage RMS values but also on the phase shift between them, and then can be negative. This could be due to a wiring error. This can be normal. The harmonics of rank 3 add up on the neutral, and the fundamentals compensate themselves on the neutral. What is the standard that governs the fully visualised breaking labeling, position of handle This is the environment standard IEC that governs this aspect via two articles: Product marking which clearly states the position of the device.

Indicates the position of contacts. What is the minimum time between atgs opening of a pre-break auxiliary contact and the poles of a switching device? Ztys guarantee a minimum time of 20ms between the auxiliary contact operation and the switch contact operation. The product reference begins see your catalogue and the mounting user guide is NMO atsy For our switchgear the temepratuer ratings are as follows: Please find the attachement.

For our range of switches the temperature ranges are as follows: The power supply tolerances are: What is the tightening torque to be applied to the ‘upstream’ connection, the connection towards the bases and the mounting screws of the fuse of a A SIDERMAT combination switch? The following tightening torques should be applied: The low level auxiliary contacts are intended to help the circulation of small currents between 0.

There is a thin layer of gold on the contacts to do this circulation of small currents. Yes you can, BUT only in vertical mounting one below the other: Part Number The Watts losses are the following: Yes you can, provided the flexible copper bars are well sized, well connected and that an isolation distance of 14mm is maintained.

The direct handle can be locked in all 3 positions 0, I, II. You must remove the plastic spigot to enable locking of the required position NMO