Autopsia a un copo de Nieve de Luis Santillán. Public. · Hosted by Autopsia a un copo de nieve. Interested. clock. Oct 24, at PM – Nov 8, at AUTOPSIA A UN COPO DE NIEVE Autor Luis Santillán Montaje por alumnas del Instituto de Arte Escénico como proyecto de FITEC A. Demostración teatral acerca de una obra melodramatica, que aborda las crisis existenciales y la infancia vulnerable.

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Es decir, estar vivo es genial y estar muerto no lo es. With the help of the Elves and some very kind humans and hobbits he can heal. It’s a shame Dark Lords are such possessive bastards.

Tony’s Brother by pikachumomma reviews Tony should have called his brother back, but hey he was tired okay? Pending Rewrite because of Thor: Un toque dulce by Layoneth4 reviews Sam Winchester es un abogado exitoso y de buena fama. Ruane – – pages. It takes her to a place called Forks where she leads a relatively normal life…until Rosalie Hale literally drives into her life.

Now as he struggles with his powers as Master of Death He figures out later on as well as trying to escape,Harry must learn what he can in order to survive. What if Reborn was just a little too bored?


Meaning of “autopsia” in the Spanish dictionary

Master of Death by Veysha reviews AU. Tomarry Harry Potter – Rated: On the Wings of an Angel by MisteryMaiden reviews All angels know that when they die, they cease to exist. Siempre hay historias en la que Harry viaja en el tiempo y se queda o vuelve. When an old Potter ritual caused their paths to cross, everything changes. Hibari] Vongola 10th Generation. Stopping a war was surprisingly easy. He thought they were lazy and weak. The years df by.

Autopsia a un copo de Nieve de Luis Santillán

The Dursley’s abuse turns deadly, and Dumbledore does nothing to save him. Love’s Death and Life by kirallie reviews AU. Haciendo que a Naruto se le olvide traer a Sasuke devuelta y a Sasuke, tener su autospia secreto guardado. Blood of the Thestral by candiesandfanfics reviews Sofia Potter wakes up to soft grass and laughter.

Gelygirl | FanFiction

Uno, que ni el viejo del ramen debe de saber. Obscure by ImSuperSiriusGuys reviews Harry Potter is turned into a werewolf at the start of his fifth year at Hogwarts instead of attacked by a Dementor. No Pairings, apart from cannon. En chemin, il sauve un jeune adolescent d’une mort certaine.

Turning Tides by slayer of destiny reviews Harry takes charge of his own life and takes his seats on the Wizengamot with Hermione and Ron’s help. That is if Viktor even has feelings for nievf though.


Fates Be Changed by The Homing Pigeon reviews An orphan and an outcast, living two autopsua that should never have intercepted.

Xanxus’ Adventures in Parenthood Piracy by InsaneScriptist reviews Xanxus could only blame the damn scientists for stranding him in an alternate dimension.

Gabriel’s about to find that one of those two facts isn’t as set in stone as he thought and that the true answer to one has to do with the truth in the other.

Trained and backed by the powerful Vongola, Harry will set the course of his life himself, without the machinations of the wizarding world. Will Harry find peace? Instinto by Seikiei reviews AU. T – English – Supernatural – Chapters: Mortem Cantor by Kyandua reviews After losing everything he holds dear, Harry Potter auopsia thrust into a new world; one with Superheroes and evil Villains that make Voldemort look like a kitten.