If you use shellexecute to autorun documents you can not ensure that user will have the appropriate software to read your document on their computers. There is. Notes on how to create a cd that will auto run when placed in a drive. shellexecute=datafile, Specifies an application or data file that is to be opened. Windows. [AutoRun] OPEN= SHELLEXECUTE= ICON=Auto- LABEL=My CD-ROM USEAUTOPLAY=0 SHELL=ReadMe.

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A registry setting can be used to disable AutoRun. The only valid key is:. To create a CD that will auto-run is actually very simple.

How to Create an AutoRun File for a USB Flash Drive

The Content section allows authors to communicate the type and intent of content to AutoPlay without AutoPlay having to examine the media. If the executable contains more than one icon then an optional index field can be specified to indicate which icon to use:.

INF in the root-directory of the media. If you are working with shelexecute large quantity of flash drives, a custom USB duplication service can quickly handle your autorun needs. The following sample Autorun.

The mere existence of an autorun. On Windows Vista or Windows 7, this entry causes any actions specified for AutoRun by using either the shellexecutr or shellexecute entries to be suppressed from the Windows AutoPlay dialog. In the case of folders with spaces in their names, do not enclose them in quotes as the quotes are taken literally as part of the path. However, since some older versions of Windows do not support ‘ ShellExecute ‘ a less elegant alternative would be:.


Here is a previous Stack Overflow article:. INF How to autorun documents with Autorun. Also, when you are using our utility 1st AutoRun Express to create autorun cd, then you may test how autorun will run directly from inside the program.

INF ‘ file must start with the following line: You will also need your executable application or document you are wanting to open. First, consider an Autorun. If it does, the system searches for a file named Autorun. Note It is possible to put a value in the LabelText parameter which exceeds 32 characters and receive no error message. I tried setting up an autorun. Each section contains a series of commands that determine how the Autorun operation takes place.

1st AutoRun Express

However, creating an autorun flash drive from the comfort of your own PC or laptop is also possible. Shellxeecute primary function is to provide the system with the name and location of the application’s startup program that will be run when the disc is inserted.

A string that contains the file’s name. If a file contains more than one icon, you must also specify zero-based index of the icon.

Entries – Windows applications | Microsoft Docs

If it does not find one, it uses the information in the [autorun] section. The second line specifies the custom entry of the shortcut menu. Shawn 2, 7 34 If one of these contents is set to true through shellexecuhe the case-insensitive values 1, y, yes, t, or true, the Autoplay UI displays the handlers associated with that content type regardless of whether content of that type exists on the media. The first line identifies the executable file that performs the command.


Then click Start Run and enter:. Sign up using Facebook.

Configuration files Windows administration. If you feel like getting a little fancy, you can even add more like a company icon or use a long label to name the drive:. INF file tells Windows to run Setup. Specifies the command that is to be autorun when the CD is first inserted. Limits AutoPlay’s content search to only those folders listed, and their subfolders.

For the file to be discovered and used by these component, it must be located in the root suellexecute of a volume. AutoRun is typically used to autotun run or load something contained on the inserted media, whereas AutoPlay presents a dialog that includes a list of relevant actions that may be taken and enables the user to choose which action to take. You can also specify a. Looks like it isn’t possible anymore. If no path is specified, the file must be in the drive’s root directory.

In either case they are taken as absolute paths from the root directory of the media.

Make sure you don’t have any spaces or illegal characters in the filenames so that they open properly.