Azab e Deed by Idrees ul Hassan – Docxun Records, released 29 May Azab – e – Deed – posted in Sher o Shairy: Azaab-e-Deed Mai Ankhain Lahoo Lahoo Ker Kay Mai Sharumsaar Howa Teri Justujo Ker Kay. Paramount Books Largest Bookseller and Publisher in Pakistan.

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The story of Prophet Jonah Yunus. Are there abrogated verses in the Koran? If punishment in the grave existed then there would be no need for a Day of Judgement because the dead would already be judged and punished. A better way to study hadith stories.

God would have killed Prophet Muhammad if he invented revelations. These hadith explain where false hadith came from. How to find false hadith stories made after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Haman in the Quran.

Azab-e-Deed ebooks by Mohsin Naqvi | Rekhta

Thabit narrated that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam and his Companions were passing through a belonging to the Banu An Najjar when the Prophet sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam mount shied and almost unseated him. These hadith stories are false hadith stories because they contradict the stories of Allaah and Prophet Muhammad which are protected in the Quran. Who has walked the longest distance on the Moon? But a non-believer or a hypocrite will say to the angels, ‘I do not know, but I used to say what the people used to say!


There is nothing about punishment of a soul in the grave or the punishment of a soul that is sleeping in death in the hereafter.

Punishment of the Grave

Allaah forgives adultery if you repent. Allah allows travel to the Moon and Mars. Help people like Allah eeed you. Why did Prophet Muhammad flee Makkah? Allaah would have killed hadrat Muhammad if he invented revelations. The dead cannot return to this earth. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Isa is not returning to this Earth. Quran surah 17 index.

Azab-e-Deed Mein Aankhein Laho Laho Kar Kay..!! – SAD POETS 4 YOU

Here is a short clip where the Shaykh explains Azaab al qabr is also mentioned in the Quran. The evil of Muslims killing Muslims. That is not make sense. Prophet Muhammad in Filistin. God removed stoning to derd for adultery. Who is to blame for the death of Isa? Explain one shout, blast, cry, scream, bang, sound, blow, shrieking, trumpet, horn. Is the soul real?

Al-Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr. To which bear witness those nearest to Allah i. God gives the Quran as an inheritance to those who believe in God.


Prophet Jesus Isa is forbidden from azag to this earth because Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the prophets of Allaah meaning the last prophet of Allaah on this earth. Sexual slavery in Islam. True and false hadith stories. Allaah said nothing to Hazrat Muhammad except what Allaah said to the messengers before him. Quran chapter 38 index.

The will of God. CE years converted to Islamic years. What does humans are created in the image of God mean? The fifth men to land on the moon. I have been informed that you have started to hold books. There is no punishment in the grave because when the wrong doer and the righteous are resurrected both will say in the hereafter that the time between their death and their resurrection feels like only one hour or part of a day in sleep had passed.

God gave the Quran to the children of Israel.