The matrix is misrepresenting in some cases. Example: Coca Cola and Pepsi. Coca Cola is market leader, as a result of which the relative market share. Overview∗ Company Overview ∗ Strategy Formulation∗ History of Pepsi ∗ SWOT Matrix ∗ Grand Strategy Matrix∗ Growth ∗ BCG∗ Beverages Pepsi-Cola North America Pepsi-Cola Mountain Dew .. Hut Taco Bell Low High 10% BCG Matrix for PepsiCo – Early s;

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For the above mentioned dilemma, there are many tool available, for top level management to suggest, formulation of distinct strategies for multiple segments, operating under the singular conglomerate pesi multiple industries. Over the years, Pepsi has faced stiff competition from Coca-Cola and has also seen its market share take a hit.

Those segments fall into the category of stars, which operates and compete in high ot growth industry and have high relative market share. The investment strategy for these products has to be very well thought through by the management as there are chances that these businesses might not yield any profit for the organization. It has many segments each compete in different industry therefore, each segment requires a special attention from the top level management regarding strategic planning.

These business units or products are cash traps and therefore are not seen as a useful source of earning. Products or Business Units which hold a high market share and are also considered to grow in the future are positioned as Stars.

The answer is obvious that, it will not work, because each segment magrix a distinct strategic plan, keeping in view the market share of each segment in the operating industry. There pepei products that formulate a part of the industry that is still in the phase of development, yet the organization has not been able to create a significant position in that industry.


BCG Matrix of PepsiCo

Dogs are considered to be the futile segments of company. Products or business units of the company that are still in the nascent stage of their product lifecycle and can either become a revenue generator by taking the position of a Star or can become a loss-making machine for the company in the future. These products are the money churners for the company and require very low investments to sustain their leadership and profitability in vcg market. August 26, heartofcodes Leave a comment.

PepsiCo annual report. Amid falling sales of aerated drinks as consumers shift to healthier drinks, Pepsico aims to double the Tropicana business by Corporation distributes its products in two hundred countries around the globe. From time to time, corporation one segment has high market share another has low market share, in the operating industry. FLNA can be considered as the backbone of company because such segment can, keep on generating bg revenue for company for long-term.

QFNA share of revenue was reported 3. Since the product is not expected to bring in any significant capital, future investment is seen as a wastage of company resources, which could be invested in a Question mark or Star category instead. One of pwpsi tool is BCG Matrix. Past few years have been an inflection point for the company with Pepsico seeing a major drop in their carbonated drinks business, thus prompting it to go back to the drawing board and mqtrix at its future strategy and also its product offerings.

BCG Matrix of Pepsi | BCG Matrix analysis of Pepsi

Declining carbonated soft drinks segment share due to increasing demand for low calorie and healthy beverages and snacks is what is attributing the diminishing sales of Pepsi brand. Because of stiff competition from Coca-Cola and amtrix customer preferences towards healthy and low-calorie drinksPepsi is seeing a shift from STAR quadrant to Dogs quadrant.


These are low growth or low market share products and have very few chances of showing any growth. Learn the Bdg Matrix of Samsung and understand different business units which fall under different quadrants.

Carbonated soft drinks segment has seen a major decline in the past few years, the overall liquid refreshment beverage market has been growing. The product requires very less investment to maintain its market share and fight off any competition. S with a Fortunately, PepsiCo has many star segments, which make sense because it is one of the world largest beverage and food processing corporation. Cash cows are considered to be those segments which are operating in low industry sales growth rate and have high market share.

This segment particularly manufacture, distribute, and sells breakfast bars and cereal. PepsiCo is famously known for its strategy of horizontal integration, init merged Tropicana; an orange juice company with Quaker oat.

PepsiCo by Michael Carr on Prezi

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. BCG matrix was specially designed for corporations, which operates in diverse industries. Enter your email address: The small market share obtained by the organization makes bc future outlook for the product uncertain, therefore investing in such domains is seen as a high-risk decision.