In Willis’s (Doomsday) fifth solo novel, her practiced screwball style yields a clever story which, while imperfect, is a sheer pleasure to read. In the very near. Here-and-now speculative yarn involving chaos theory and statistical prediction, from the author of the fine Doomsday Book (), etc. Connie Willis has won more Hugo and Nebula awards than any other science fiction author. Now, with her trademark wit and inventiveness, she explores the.

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Then all of the sheep start butting Bennett in the leg, following the bellwether’s example.

Bellwether by Connie Willis

If you go to the library what books are on reserve? I mainly listened to this while I was doing my Wii Fit exercises, and this is one where you can’t be quiet while you read. This is a formulaic love story set in what is supposed to be a research institution.

Willis’s intriguing notion comes across with the authority of a genuine insight–and probably merits a more dramatic and thoroughgoing workout than the agreeable but bland treatment it receives here. Cover of first edition paperback. Sandra Foster, the narrator of Bellwetherstudies fads for HiTek, a private corporation; the corporation’s premise is that finding out what makes something a fad will help it predict future fads and capitalize on that knowledge.

Am I the Bellwether in my own chaos? Each chapter begins with a description of a fad, much like certain books begin chapters with aphorisms. It sounds like crap, it -is- crap, it doesn’t mean a thing when you really read it, but It’s funny on so many different levels, and there’s even a romance that hits us like a fad from out of nowhere and changes everything, just like the never-ending quest to discover the source of the Bob hairstyle or the source of the Nile when people don’t understand that gravity goes down.


Could she find the answer to the fad conundrum through studying him?

It’s a fad that doesn’t have an obvious source like the Pompadour, named after its trendsetter Madame Pompadour. And yet, it works! Sandra Foster, studies fads in Boulder, Colorado. At the center of everything is Flip: About Bellwether Connie Willis has won more Hugo and Nebula awards than any other science bellweher author. Which means a sensitivity exercise, beklwether new acronym, and more paperwork for us. I love how Connie Willis does relationships more than most romance novels.

Bellwether (novel) – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Commitment is in, postmodern pink is in, hairwraps are in, branding is in and so is Barbie. I’m still chuckling after reading this. Also, again, it’s short. bellsether

Prior to picking this up, Bellwehter read and greatly enjoyed two of Willis’ other books: Bellwether really rolls up its sleeves and commits to that approach, though, giving you a novel in which feeling differently from its protagonists on literally any subject apparently makes you deserving of ridicule and contempt.

A tedious, unamusing, and flat rom-com populated with tedious, unamusing, and flat characters.


I could have changed the name of HiTek to the places I worked and it would have been exactly the same. The Wikipedia article on this novel makes a fascinating but pretty spoilerish comment about a particular name that opened my eyes to some interesting symbolism, and makes me want to revisit this book.

But series of setbacks and disappointments arise before they are able to find answers to their questions. Why target my much more reasonable Fresca? Bellwetheris a science fiction novel by Connie Willis. The net effect is to make the book seem like a lengthy, passive-aggressive note left on the breakroom refrigerator: I read Bellwether shortly after it was published some years ago, and enjoyed revisiting the audio version thanks to my local public library quite recently.


The book centers on the science of pop culture and chaos theory.


The scientists experiment with sheepfinding that their flocks are led by bellwetherscertain sheep which are “indistinguishable from the rest of the flock, only a little greedier, a little faster, a little hungrier.

The last 20 pages was a microcosm explaining how I felt throughout reading the wiplis book and therefore, I realized the smarts behind the author’s intent! And then I reread Bellwether and looked up from the page in horror to announce to the world, “This book is kind of a petty asshole.

In fact, I’m not entirely sure what it is, altogether. Having worked in Quality Management Systems for a few years, I can connid to the accuracy of this observation about pointless meetings and improvement ideas that mean nothing more than another batch of paper forms to fill. Bellwether is in the farcical vein. Originally I had planned to only give it 3 stars by nature of the fact that for me the enjoyability of reading this book was marginal.

In the sense that SF is the fiction of idea exploration, absolutely, and what she does with it is clever, creative, cohnie so, so fun. She, however, is very knowledgeable of what tasks do or do not fall under her job description On another level, it’s a pure science fiction book b I read Bellwether shortly after it was published some years ago, and enjoyed revisiting the audio version thanks to my local public library quite recently.

She’s kind of a Sally Sad Sack, smart and sensible but never sticking up for herself even when she knows she’s been wronged.