The BenQ W is ISF certified for optimum colour performance in both Day and Night modes. So it easily adapts to any room’s ambient light levels as well as . disconnect it from the power point and call BenQ to have the projector repaired. This projector is capable of displaying inverted images for ceiling mount. BenQ W Projector Specifications. Posted on February 24, By Art Feierman. Click Here! BenQ W Specs. Projector Model, W Technology .

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BenQ W 3D DLP Projector Review | AVForums

Physical Characteristics Weight Approximate 3. The remaining connections are all on the right hand side and include a VGA connector, a component video input, a composite video input and, unusually these days, an S-Video input.

The projector is simple to setup thanks to the lens controls, flexible in terms of placement and very easy to use. You want this Total 1. In fact we’ve seen quite a few BenQ projectors pass through our doors over the past couple of months and overall ben been consistently good.

As a result the errors were now all below one, which means that they are imperceptible to the human eye. The W has manual lens controls, including a basic lens shift which is unusual for a DLP projector at this price point. There are controls for the menu, volume and keystone correction placed on top of the unit.

BenQ Projectors: BenQ W DLP projector

An exciting projector that offers big screen entertainment for a great price. Then we moved on to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and the BenQ did a great job of delivering all the deep positive parallax within the film, giving the appearance of looking through a window into Middle Earth.

Calibrated The two-point white balance control proved to be very effective and after only a few minutes we had the greyscale tracking at our target of with equal amounts of red, green and blue. So let’s fire up the W and see how it delivers You had this Total 0. BenQ W Video Review. The W is quick to set up: As we’d expect from a DLP projector, the motion handling was great and the 3D images were completely free of crosstalk.


Sunlit scenes are bright without looking overly warm, blues and reds are richly hued and greens trees are perhaps a little too intense. The W is a good example and has been designed to deliver big screen, Full HD entertainment with plenty of useful features and a pair of 3D glasses thrown in for good measure.

What Hi-Fi?

BenQ W Projector There is also the option to fine tune the colour temperature using a two-point Bsnq Balance control and a Gamma Selection, ranging from 1. With i material the W had no difficulties in showing video text overlaid on film based material and also handled 24p content without any problems. Video Processing The video processing in the W was reasonably good and it accurately scaled the full i and i images without any loss of detail or unwanted ringing.

Your nickname or email address: For those that suffer from rainbows but are thinking of using a DLP projector for 3D viewing, colour artefacts on the W were almost completely eliminated when wearing glasses for 3D. For Punchy and vibrant colour palette Plenty bdnq detail Clean, crisp and bright picture; Decent with 3D, motion and upscaling Compact, light build Easy to set up and use Good connectivity.

Against Nothing at the price. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The W did a wonderful job of replicating the stereographer’s intent, producing images that were bright, detailed and crosstalk-free.

Analogue sources are well catered for, too, with component, composite, S-Video and PC inputs.

We would expect to see an immediate improvement once we actually calibrate the greyscale itself. The W comes with a pair of active shutter 3D glasses, which is a nice touch at this price point.

BenQ W1400 3D DLP Projector Review

The colour management system CMS wasn’t quite as effective and we were unable to correct the errors in blue but this wasn’t apparent in actual viewing material. Unlike many of BenQ’s other projectors, the W even includes a frame interpolation feature.


Conversely, the blacks and shadow detail are mediocre meaning that the BenQ wouldn’t be ideal for a very dark room. Calibration Pre-calibration As usual, the Cinema picture mode proved to be the most accurate and so we used that for our out-of-the-box measurements. So unsurprisingly the W was impressive, producing big 3D images that were both detailed and, most importantly, bright.

The 2D performance was very good, with bright images that had natural colours, great motion handling and plenty of detail.

We began by testing the BenQ with our recently arrived Blu-ray of Frozen which, excessive singing aside, proved to be a dazzling 3D experience. In terms beq more advanced calibration controls, you can select the Colour Temperature with a choice of Normal, Cool, Lamp Native and Warm.

BenQ might be primarily associated with data grade projectors but the manufacturer has recently launched some excellent additions to their home cinema line-up.

There are also some basic control buttons on the top, just in case you misplace the remote. Setup is simple thanks to the easy-to-use manual lens controls and the menu system is sensibly laid out. All the other colours had overall errors that beq well below the threshold of three and, as the saturation sweep below shows, benqq colour accuracy at lower saturation levels was extremely good.

Image Native Aspect Ratio The colours were extremely natural, especially when it came to flesh tones but the W also delivered the stylised colours of The Hobbit with great effect.

Whilst it correctly detected 3: But the picture never strays bfnq overblown territory.