Tri-Stat dX is a great system, and I do like the adjustments they made against the standard that BESM set. However, in several areas I feel they either failed to. Super quick: I *think* that BESM is rather similar to a smaller product I enjoy, and shares the major mechanic–the “Tri-Stat” system. However. I was looking at a game over in the PBP forum, talking about these rules. Now, I’ ve got a copy of the Tri-stat and the d20 version, both the Stingy.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If a character loses all their Health Points, they fall unconscious and are dying.

The Gates of Light.

Typical Stats range in levels from 1 to 20, although the Stats can go higher depending on the Power Level of the game. Skills are available with Bems that subdivide a particular area of knowledge into specific Skills a character is adept at. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Appearance I Cute, 1. Results 1 to 6 of 6. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Starting inGuardians of Order replaced the company’s previous practice of producing stand-alone games for anime series for which they had obtained licenses with Ultimate Fan Guides — a series of supplements for BESM which combine information on the episodes, characters and themes of anime series with statistics and game information for those series.


Whenever a character needs to roll dice to see if they succeeded or failed at doing something, they must besn a dice roll which randomly determines success or failure.

BESM (d20 or Tri-stat)

Skill Checks are made when a particular area besj the character’s expertise is being challenged. A Scene changes when the specific events and places happen to change in the game. Federation-Apocalypse Campaign Log Session 75a: Another company will be publishing it and providing future support. Is Fate too new for anyone to give me their opinions? Notify me of new comments via email. Derived Sat are determined by mathematical formulas based on the values of the character’s Stats.

Into Federation Space Multiverse: Earthworks Federation-Apocalypse Session The Authority d20 System Tri-Stat. Good game, especially for one shots and short adventures, and the players can access the downloads without forking over their hard earned dough. trl

Tri-Stat dX

Which one, depends on how the GM feels the character is using it. The tir allow for games to be played in any anime setting, from high-school romantic comedy to pet monster shows to dark horror. Of course, energy points trj optional, but for game balance purposes these rules assume that they can and will be used.


Therefore, I ask for any advice you may have in deciding between these systems. Life in Core III: Mutants and Masterminds, 2e or 3e.

Onwards to Apocalypse NeoHumans: Depending on the Power Level of the campaign, the damage is rolled with 2 dice and consulted on a Damage Percentage Table. The bigger the die type used in the game, the more powerful the characters generally are, and achieve Stat Values much higher than the human norm.

HuSung FA Session Godlike characters would use 2d Henry Blake Star Wars: Perhaps unfortunately, the same psychic bond which allowed Minidragons to imprint on their owners so strongly also allowed them to pick up various personality quirks… The tendency was even stronger in later, more specialized, amplifier-creatures, so most of the ones which are still around have definite — and often inconvenient — personalities.

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Levels of Stats are purchased with Character Points. Proceedings Ixian Astbiliancoatl, a.

An optional bsem the GM can impose increases the point cost for Stats at incremental levels, so that high level Stats require more points to be increased to the next level.