Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: . Bhartrihari’s poetry is aphoristic, and comments on the social mores of the time. The collected work is known as Śatakatraya “the three śatakas or. Bhartrihari []; Barbara Stoler Miller (tr.); Bhartrihari: poems. Columbia University Press (UNESCO representative works), , xxviii + pages [11jul . Bhartrihari: poems (UNESCO collection of representative works) [Bhartrhari] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bhartṛhari (also romanized.

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The yellow moonbeams fall, I saw them mirrored from her bosom fly Back to the moon on high.


In life as transient as a flashing glance, I can choose no single course. Further, words are understood only in the context of the sentence whose meaning as a whole is known. The philosophy of the grammariansMotilal Banarsidass Publ. Detailed discussion, see also notes on p.


Kale’s prose version [numbered as nitishataka 3]: He lost his consort piMgala and remained inconsolable, until he met gorakShanAtha who resored not one but 25 piMgalas.

He alone is eloquent and he is handsome. He was, possibly, the first to recognise that words can sound the same yet have different meanings. The second was a large volume of short verses which contained three separate collections of poetry, each part demonstrating a different aesthetic mood, known as a rasa.


How bold this body is to fear The final blow of death! A period of c. O Wind, my father! I excerpt about one-fourth of the verses below, since this edition is out of print and extremely hard to find.

Notes in Sanskrit with English Translations. Yet half is sleep, and half the rest again Old age and childhood. The historian William Robertson mentions that Rogerius had gained the confidence of a Brahman, who was his primary informant on Indian religious practice and texts.

He is a cursed man who never drinks this autumnal water, A crystal flow shattered by moonlight. Enchanting too is her lovely face Gleaming with tears of anger; Enchanting if only your thought can forget Their ephemeral nature.

Other texts on Bhartrihari Bhratrihari: Lightly an ignorant boor is made content. The legend of Bhartrihari the king from the introduction, p. Within itself, pure citta has an inherent tendency to flow in the direction of good, and this can never be totally lost.

Bhartrihari Poems > My poetic side

In addition, Bhartrhari discusses here a paradox that has been called ” Bhartrhari’s paradox ” by Hans and Radhika Herzberger. I did nothing to spread my fame Across the sky on the rapier Made to pierce martial elephant’s heads. Once the whole sentence has been understood then it will be possible to break down, or analyse, individual components or words in turn, but only in the context in which they were written. Why attempt to dig a well When the house is already burning?


They spend some time with minds Submerged in the fluid elixir of wisdom, The rest belongs to tender mistresses Whose breasts and hips embody pleasure’s luxury, Mistresses aroused to lust by caresses Concealed in their laps of ample flesh. And the high terraced roof – all things enhance In Summer love’s sweet trance.

Miller BSM includes versesthose “stanzas generally found in all versions” of the Bhartrihari canon, according to Kosambi.

Unless the child knew the sentence meaning a prioriit would be difficult for him to infer the ppoems of novel words. What lies the poets told! What more beautiful for him to eat than the delicate ambrosia of her lips? This way it might avoid any misunderstanding of what has been said.

Unfortunately, the extant manuscript versions of these shatakas vary widely in the verses included.