The Indux™ Cortical Strip is a robust single piece construct with a unique cross- hatch pattern that Biomet Spine & Bone Healing Technologies launches. of Biomet, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries unless otherwise indicated. Rx Only. Indux™ Cancellous Sponge and Indux™ Cancellous Strip. The Indux™ Cancellous. Biomet Spine introduced Cellentra VCBM (Viable Cell Bone Matrix), the Stimulation products which includes the Indux™ Cortical Strip and.

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Further, it is not possible to assess the impact of all risk factors on our business or the extent to which any single factor or combination of factors may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statements. In addition, governmental bodies in the United States and bikmet the world have expressed concern about the costs relating to healthcare and, in some cases, have blomet attention idux the pricing of medical devices.

Accordingly, we may not be able to satisfy our obligations to purchase the notes unless we are able to refinance or obtain waivers under our senior secured credit facilities. Treatment is delivered through an anatomically configured therapeutic treatment coil. These assumptions are uncertain and by nature can vary from actual results.

Zimmer, , Biomet Indux Block Cube 14mm x 14mm – eSutures

Administrative offices of Biomet Europe B. These alternative measures may not be successful indyx may not permit us to meet our scheduled debt service obligations.

We intend to continue to pursue growth opportunities in sales internationally, which could expose us to additional risks associated with international sales and operations. Our support of medical education programs provides important training opportunities for orthopedic surgeons early biomt their careers. This practice is reflected in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, various imdux compliance policies and through the responsibility of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors to review our systems of internal control, our process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and our process for monitoring compliance with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

We believe that our relationship with our employees is satisfactory. The excellent handling characteristics and high optical contrast of our cements are well suited to the current trends in orthopedic surgery.

If we do not have enough money, we may be required to refinance all or part of our existing debt, sell assets or borrow more money. Office and manufacturing facilities of Interpore Spine Ltd.


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The trading prices for the notes will be directly affected biomte many factors, including our credit rating. Bomet Marchcomprehensive health care reform legislation was enacted through the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act H. Further, third-party payors are continuing to carefully review their coverage policies with respect to existing and new therapies and can, without notice, deny coverage for treatments that may include the use of our products.

We design, manufacture and market a comprehensive range of both surgical and non-surgical products used primarily by orthopedic surgeons and other musculoskeletal medical specialists.

Our osteobiologic products compete with other osteobiologics primarily on the basis of breadth of product line, product recognition and price.

Zimmer Biomet Spine is committed to advancing cervical arthroplasty as the standard of care in indicated patients. To obtain a copy of the current Instructions for Use IFU for full prescribing and risk information, please callpress 4 for Technical Support.

Orthopedic reconstructive implants are used to replace joints that have deteriorated as a result of disease principally osteoarthritis or injury. If financial institutions that have extended credit commitments to us are adversely affected by the conditions of the U.

Subsequent to the acquisition, Biomet, Inc. For over 30 years, we have applied advanced engineering and manufacturing technology to the development of highly durable joint replacement systems. We offer a wide range of acrylic bone cements and cementing systems for various clinical applications including primary and revision reconstructive joint procedures. Manufacturing, administrative and warehouse facilities of Zhejiang Biomet. Fiscal Year Ended May 31. Outside of the excise tax, which has impacted our results of operations following December 31,we cannot predict with certainty what healthcare initiatives, if any, will be implemented at the state level, or what the ultimate effect of federal healthcare reform or any future legislation or regulation will have on us.

In the event of a default under any of our senior secured credit facilities, the lenders could elect to declare all amounts outstanding under the agreements governing our senior secured credit facilities to be immediately due and payable. In Marchthe U. Our Puerto Rican operations principally involve the assembly of purchased components into finished products using a skilled labor force. Our properties in Warsaw, Indiana and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida secure our obligations under our senior secured cash flow facilities.

District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, alleging a failure to pay royalties due under a license agreement with Dr. The primary buyers of these metallic alloys are in the aerospace industry. In particular, noteholders will be paid only if we have assets remaining after we pay amounts due on our secured indebtedness, including our senior secured credit facilities.


A nonunion is considered to be established when there are no visible progressive signs of healing. Therefore, all obligations of our non-guarantor subsidiaries will have to be satisfied before any of the assets of such subsidiaries would be available for distribution, upon a liquidation or otherwise, to us or a guarantor of the notes.

These efforts not only involve expense, but also require management and other key employees to focus extensively on these matters. The loss of any of these senior managers or other key personnel could adversely affect our operations. The global Product organizations select and prioritize projects that can be adequately resourced and help deliver product category growth targets, satisfy specific hurdle rates and strategic drivers and provide a balanced product portfolio.

We are a privately-owned company with no established public trading market for our common stock.

Indux™ Cancellous Sponge and Strip + Indux™ Cortical Strip

These business fundamentals have been supplemented by working capital improvement initiatives, which historically had not been a primary focus area of management. The agreements governing our indebtedness, including the indentures, contain various covenants that limit our discretion in the operation of our business and also require us to meet financial maintenance tests and other covenants. Lndux offer cement spacer mold options for both hip and knee revision procedures.

We make estimates regarding the future use of these products and provide a provision for excess and obsolete inventory. The breadth of our product offering and the quality of our sales forces collaborate to create synergies that we believe uniquely position us to continue to efficiently penetrate the musculoskeletal market.

Despite this transition, the Chinese government continues to own significant production assets and exercises significant control over economic growth.

It is ineux understanding that competitors in the ondux bone growth stimulation market received similar subpoenas. In addition, we are required to implement and maintain stringent reporting, indyx and record keeping procedures. Accordingly, we continue to protect technology developed internally and to acquire intellectual property rights associated with technology developed externally.