Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army is a book written by independent journalist Jeremy Scahill, published by Nation Books in. That said, I’ll say that Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater” gets points for reportage, for his interviews and legwork. “Blackwater”, unlike P.W. Singer’s “Corporate. Book Review of Jeremy Scahill, Blackwater: the. Rise of the Most Powerful Mercenary Army. (/) and From Mercenaries to Market: the Rise and.

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On September 16,machine gun fire erupted in Baghdad’s Nisour Square, leaving seventeen Iraqi civilians dead, among them women and children. In the spirit of wage dumping, former paramilitaries, torturers and potential war criminals from different countries were organized.

My major issue with this book was that it was a bit of a disjointed read. When he sees something that can be done and how he can use his capital to do it, he jumps on it in the hope of making money.

The Journal: Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater

Scahill’s book slides gracefully between stories of massacres and contracted soldiers dying from cheap business practices, to tracing the behind the scenes money and motives, and onto synthesis about why, tying these specific examples of horror and scandal clearly into the greater system of privatization that has surged forward in these past ten years.

If you have any interest in this, and want to have some details to back up your understanding that Blackwater is just appalling, check out the book.

They lied about saving lives, and tried to not pay the contractors the prevailing ways.

It is exactly the same strategy used by the Chilean military to train members of the secret police and make it easier to annihilate opponents schaill the dictatorship.

Since much has been paid out of black and for the safety of the United States secret coffers, neither the exact financial framework nor the number of employed mercenaries can be quantified. Blackwaater 23, Jerome rated it it was amazing.

But honestly, the whole kill or be killed, an eye for a tooth, make money at any cost, stomp on your brother before he stomps on you — is so opposite to the clear message of Christ that it is hard to know how these guys like Prince and Black can live with the jetemy. This is probably since Blackwater is so secretive, and because few of Blackwater’s people wanted to do interviews with Scahill, which is a shame, since then we pretty much only hear Scahill’s side of the story.


The Journal: Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater | Bill Moyers | PBS

Take it a step further. Yes, I read the whole book. So, thank you Mr.

Scahill shockingly omits the fundamentally important fact that the overwhelming majority of contractors doing security and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan are Iraqis and Afghans – the very people who should be doing security in reconstruction vlackwater their own country. Individuals are taxed on earnings, though if you are wealthy enough there are ways of being able to restructure that arrangement.

I had no idea that such a piece of fiction could actually come true in my own country. This book was published in and updated inbut a June article in Nation magazine written by Scahill brings us up to date: Academi books Current jereky books Military books Books about companies. But not all mercenaries came from the USA and Europe in the sense of maximizing profits, because they demanded horrendous prices.

The capitalist looks for opportunity. Everyone who works there is not a horrible person many are just trying to survivebut we all know that the organization is bloody awful, yes? The book details the rise of Blackwater USAa private military companyand the growth of security contracting in the Iraq War and the War on Terrorism.

We don’t know how many blckwater, because no one keeps those statistics. There are many questionable aspects to the rise of mercenary forces in the “war on terror. I am no fan of, in example, Focus on the Family conservative Christian non-profit group but Erik Prince has every right to donate some of his ample wealth to this group—just as, say, Barbra Streisand has every right to donate some of her ample wealth to liberal causes.

He sternly applies Thou shall not commit adultery, by supporting a married pastor that had children by many women while married and another poster Well this is the history of Blackwater. Then let us blackwayer the idea of the cost-plus arrangement, which simply turns into a means of siphoning government money hy the bh of the private company.

However, there are problems that arrive. I can only imagine the garbage a book about Blackwater would be if it had been written by a Neo-Con Republican.

I though that Scahill scahilk too far to jfremy to portray the company as religiously conservative, but he is correct in worrying about the ambiguous legal status of mercenary corporations. Scwhill companies are not held accountable to the public and very hard to be monitored by journalists or non-governmental organizations, unlike the US military. That the mercenaries had been specifically exempted from the standard rules of engagement which applied to the military could only make things worse.


Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. The thing is that this is war, but in another way it was also an experiment. In college, I once wrote a short story called Battle Blackaater. As American civilian tactics of shock therapy caused civil order in Iraq to collapse, the number of security-guarded security companies and their associates scahil steadily until it settled into a 1: Nah, I must be just paranoid, right?

One instance is that since the private sector is only concerned with profit, in many cases the quality of the service can drop in an attempt to maximise the profits that are being made, and then there are the problems where soldiers are pretty much forced to use this inferior service, such as cleaning clothes and what not. Formed by Eric Prince and man that feels he is performing his religious duties as a Roman Catholic.

It’s clear that Scahill believes that Blackwater is evil and I can’t say that Blacwkater disagree with him. Well this is the history of Blackwater. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Well blakwater are just too many example of his applying this to say something that was, well not really true. It looked like an inside job set up to me when I first saw the incident in the news a few years back and now I am even more convinced. Beyond the tasks Blackwater performed in Iraq and Afghanistan, they also ingratiated themselves in the Katrina response, taking part in disaster profiteering.

Not only that, but these hy armies became instruments of hidden policy. However, since Scahill delights in dwelling on issues such has pages upon pages explaining how many thousands of dollars jeremj Prince family has contributed to conservative and Republican causes over the years, it is at times difficult to trust him. The question at its center – are we comfortable with the increasing privatization of our military, and all the attendant questions it raises – is a good one.

That sounds like a reasonable idea, until we raise the question of whether there is going to be any accountability, and where do you draw the line. You xcahill not give false testimony against your blaxkwater.