A place for collecting assembly instructions for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. Please be courteous and follow the rules. The Blitza-Bommer might seem to fulfill much the same role as the special rule – gaining an extra shot with each weapon on a Waaagh! turn. I’m probably going to be getting another ork bommer for Christmas and I was I read the rules for the blitza bommer and I have a question.

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Ork Flyer Magnetised for Dakkajet, Burna-bommer and Blitza-bommer.

Times and dates in your local timezone. Thanks for all the help guys. OK dakkajet just got less viable imo lol.

Dakkajet pilots believe firmly in quantity over quality, and commonly bolt as many guns as possible to their aircraft – some of those bullets are bound to hit the target.

It also has an edge vs footslogging termies, but that’s a rare thing nowadays. BS3 vs ground targets. Don’t worry, I’m a certified speed freek Know who else are speed freeks? Personal tools Log in Request account. Even if you drop your armorbane AP2 blast on target and it might scatter off, or you might blow yourself up in blitzaa run odds are you’re only going to do one HP unless you roll a six.


He’s also got strafing run, so that makes him excellent at shooting up light transports with his S6 shots. These aircrafts ‘aim’ their bombs by diving at the target, releasing their Boom Bomb at the very last moment possible – something which tends to panic the onboard Grot Gunner.


At bommdr it has some reliable anti-air and will hurt those annoying fmc. Well excuse me, I thought we were discussing the rules as written.

For some Flyboyz, guns might not be as fun as flamethrowers. Just make sure your other units kills enemy Quad-Guns before the jets flies on. Ork Minelayer is a strange Ork craft, suspended in mid air by powerful repulsor fields.

Log in and join the community. Ive literally only bombed a vehicle with it once though since high armor is kinda rare in my meta, and the few i see my bikers find it before the blitzabomma reaches it anyway. For a TAC list I’m thinking that my best bet for anti flyer is to just load up all my vehicles with Rokkits and hope a few of them hit.

It is a combination gunship, aerial transport, heavy lift and long range reconnaissance vehicle.

They’re rather short ranged though, but you want to get into the thick of it for a bombing run anyhow. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! As a pair they could really ravage light vehicles and medium infantry, as well as threaten fliers such as even the Stormraven.

BS3 against most targets and pinning is nothing to shake a stick at, thats pretty damn rukes as pinning causes no overwatch.

Ork Fighta pilots love nothing more then to fly in close to enemy aircraft and tear it apart with hail of dakka.


Ork Aircraft – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Burna Bomma- Excellent Xenos Killer. I’ve had some pretty good games with the Blitza Bomba as well. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net.

The burnabomba’ is an infantry killing machine, though using it would require the rest of your list to b,itza be kinda decent ru,es shooting. Orks love fire and it was therefore inevitable that someday a Mek would think of attaching canisters of volatile promethium to the underside of an Ork Bommer – thus the Burna-Bommer was born.

Ork Dakkajet/Burna-Bommer/Blitza-Bommer [Imgur] : WarhammerInstructions

Dakka Jet- Lots of shots, some targets you get to be BS3, Waaagh plane isn’t quite as good but some formations let your army Waaagh every turn after the first. The best in value of points were the Lootas but only in a squad rhles 15 and if I managed to roll 3 shots on them.

Then there is the problem that the guys are specialized to attack one type of target. If you’re facing a lot of parking lots AV spam then it’s solid, but I don’t biltza you’ll get much efficiency out of it otherwise.

Dakkajets make excellent light flier killes, with the issue that they too are light fliers.