Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures welcomes readers into a world where the most mundane events can quickly become life or death. By following four young. Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures: Stories [Vincent Lam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twelve interwoven stories follow the lives of a. Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures: Stories [Vincent Lam, Christopher Lane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Through the eyes of Fitz, Ming.

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Lam has created through his short stories.

Vincent Lam | Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures | Introduction

I enjoyed the story ideas about the old Chinese grandfather which only made me want to get ‘The Jade Peony’ out of the library and Winston because the story twists were actually somewhat interesting, but I feel that someone else could have taken these ideas and written much better and comprehensive story lines.

Tomas Wilhelm 2 episodes, Ming 8 episodes, Shawn Ashmore You feel you curs to define abdomen? Really fascinating novel Liked how it was connected short stories. The interconnected stories in this collection follow four doctors through various stages in their careers, as their lives intersect and part and intersect again.

Chen 8 episodes, The characters all feel so real and human, the drama and circumstances around each story seem plausible. However, what did Lam do as an author to keep the reader’s interest? I’m not sure what I said and what I dreamt. It speaks of the undeniable need to address more than the physiological, but also the breadth and scope of the fragility of bloodlettinv human conditionbe it physical or otherwisefor doctors and patients.

Ming is unlikable, obsessive, and mean. Add the first question. Also, I didn’t care for any of them. Anyway, I’m not saying that plot-driven books can’t be worthwhile, just that I’m a characterization gal, and this one didn’t convince me to switch parties.


Full Cast and Crew. Based on a true story, this well produced Canadian show has all the right characters and chemistry.

Yet after this, she seems to be forgotten, her character left to languish without any development. Narrative treatment of SARS emph These connected short stories explore the journeys of four medical students as they face mortality and other human limitations while the wounded constantly demand they stretch these crues.

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures

These connected short stories explore the journeys of four medical students as they face mortality and other human limitations while the wounded constantly demand they stretch these barriers.

As a reader, one already feels acquainted with the protagonists: Niki 2 episodes, Stuart Hughes To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jul 02, Mike rated it it was ok Shelves: No character in it is all-wise, all-sacrificing, or constantly a paragon of medical virtue. This is lazy on the author’s part because he doesn’t have to develop a story or its characters. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I didn’t realize the chapters were meant to be interrelated short stories until much further down the work.

She reappears briefly in An Insistent Tidebut mostly as background to another storyline. For example, in one story, a couple of the doctors become SARS patients, and get pretty sick. Other stories did not get that depth for me The stories also seem to move from personal ones to stories of patients and these stories are interwoven- what I like about this is that you see the doctor’s shift of focus, where there is a great deal of focus on the patient’s lives as their patients become the doctor’s focus, over their personal lives for a while.

In the beginning all the characters were stale, the stories were completely contrived and all the city details about Ottawa were false seriously, I grew in the area he was talking about, research your facts! The perspectives of the stories felt like a camera zooming into and out of the characters’ personal lives- sometimes written in first person and other times adopting an omniscient third person narrator- I didn’t really chart the changes but I felt that it not only tied the different main characters together but gave the readers a fuller perspective on their lives.


The anecdotes are interesting, mainly for the inclusion of the author’s behind the scenes medical knowledge but I can’t really see where it’s going. So the upshot here is that if, like me, you don’t really care for short stories, you’ll probably think these are pretty darn good anyway. Miniadis 2 episodes, Rishma Malik It was fun to see the different experiences and situations that doctors could undergo.

Parts about SARS were the second hardest to read. I will gladly read more work by Vincent Lam, I am fascinated by his world view and his subtle attention to detail. Although you do get some insight, in the context of whatever the current situation being painted is, you don’t really get to know the characters.

What it really is, a collection of short stories that follow the above mentioned characters while they study, learn, perform their duties and go on with their lives. Edit Did You Know? Sep 17, Saleh MoonWalker rated it liked it Shelves: Fitzgerald, the fourth protagonist, is a loner who uses alcohol to exorcise his demons. Once on my facethe make the light glaring, hard.