User guide • Read online or download PDF • Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor User Manual • Bosch Safety. Get Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor Manual. Get all FNMA- BS-WH | FNMA-BS-RD sv Säkerhetsinstruktioner 3 1 i! Reliez-vous à la terre à l’aide d’un bracelet anti-statique ou protégezvous par toute autre mesure. BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS | FNMA-BS-WH | Fire Alarm System Analog Base Sounder, Indoor, 15 to 33V DC, dB, IP43, to 70 Deg C, ABS.

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The amount of light hitting the photo diode is converted into a proportional electrical signal. In most cases, these designations are claimed as trademarks or registered trademarks in one or more countries by their respective owners. Bosch Security Systems B. The reset of the 24 V outputs. External power supply units must fnm-420-a-bz-rd free-ofground. The link between the sensors means that the combined detectors can also be used where light smoke, steam or dust must be expected during the course of normal operation.

Functions Sensor technology and signal processing The individual sensors can be configured manually, or timer-based via the LSN network. Sounders bocsh the same LSN loop and with the same tone type provide immediate synchronization. De producten dienen uitsluitend buiten bereik van direct zonlicht te worden gemonteerd. The products should only be assembled out of direct sunlight, as this is the only way to ensure correct functioning and a long service life.

The horn strobes snap onto the pre-installed Universal Mounting Bases with the Contact Covers removed and can be secured to the base with an optional securing screw. All sensor signals are analysed continuously by the internal evaluation electronics ISP fnm-420-a-bs-rdd Intelligent Signal Processing and are linked with each other via an inbuilt microprocessor.

Introduza a ponta da ferramenta nas aberturas existentes para o efeito na caixa. The module is automatically identified by the control panel and functions in the default operating mode.


Depending on the requirements, the following selection can be made when planning: Programming is done with the programming software of the fire panel.

In the event boach a line interruption in the loop, the loop is split into two stubs bsoch retain all detectors.

Druk de punten van het gereedschap in de daarvoor bestemde openingen op de behuizing. All units are provided with four 6 in. By linking the sensors, the combined detectors can also be used in places where work carried out gives rise to light smoke, steam or dust.

Open the Sounder Indoor using the tool supplied 1. Single action call points can be reset with the test key and by replacing the glass pane 3. Constant sound pressure level between 22 V and 33 V operating voltage. The chamber maid plug an opening with closing plug on the bottom is used to clean the optical chamber with compressed air not required for the heat detector.

Bosch Hooter Alarm – Bosch Hooter FNM ABS RD Price in India –

Thermal sensor temperature sensor A thermistor in a resistance network is used as a thermal sensor from which an fnm-420-x-bs-rd converter measures the temperature-dependent voltage at regular intervals. Para abrir la sirena para interior, utilice la herramienta suministrada 1. Only if the sounder volume is set to the maximum level, the certified sounds no. The dual-optical versions use two optical sensors with different wavelengths. LED displays can be labeled using a printer.

Rotary switches The rotary switch integrated in the interface module can be used to select between automatic or manual addressing with or without auto detection. Inserire fino in fondo la spina volante della batteria nel passacavi specificato 4.

Fire safety products Sounders

Batterijen mogen niet met het huisvuil worden afgevoerd. Le batterie non devono essere smaltite insieme ai rifiuti domestici. Standards, guidelines and planning recommendations regarding the installation location etc.



They also have a mechanical removal lock can be activated and deactivated. Deposite as baterias utilizadas num ponto de recolha local.

There is also a USB interface which allows, in addition to the Ethernet interface, to load the desired configuration.

Bosch FNMA-BS-RD Installation Manual (Page 10 of 21)

Pressing the black marking 1 triggers the alarm. The back box must have its drain holes pointed toward the ground.

Press the point of the tool into the openings provided for it on the housing. In addition, it fits all standard bore patterns. boosch

Bosch FNM-420-A-BS Base Sounder, Indoor User Manual

If the system power supply does not have sufficient surge capability generally provided by large filter capacitorsbase loading of the supply on fhm-420-a-bs-rd DC bell peak requirements rather than their rated current. All housings can be extended with various additional housings for all conceivable applications. Instalacija Pogledajte Slika 1, Stranica 4. Instalacja Patrz Rysunek 1, Strona 4. The charging is actuated by temperature and time.

Language variants The language of the menu can be selected arbitrarily. These motor bells eliminate the fnm-420-a-bs-gd and contacts found in conventional vibratory bells. Installation Voir Figure 1, Page 4. Wire up the sounder fmm-420-a-bs-rd the terminal block and connect the battery. Optical sensor smoke sensor The optical sensor uses the scattered-light method.

The interface modules in the series offer all the features of “improved” LSN technology: The detector should then be exchanged immediately in order to be able to keep using the higher reliability of detection of the OC detector. Cierre la carcasa encajando la sirena en los ganchos de ajuste hasta que oiga un “clic”, o fijando la sirena con fnm-420-a-bs-r cuatro tornillos 5. L’installazione deve essere eseguita solo da personale specializzato autorizzato.