Mythago Wood is a fantasy novel by British writer Robert Holdstock, published in the United Kingdom in It won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in. Bosque Mitago by Robert Holdstock, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Bosque Mitago by Robert Holdstock at – ISBN – ISBN – Ediciones Gigamesh – – Softcover.

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I’m having to hold myself back from giving away too many details. Not a whole lot going on for very long stretches.

Bosque Mitago

The forest is referred to by John Clute as an ” abyssal chthonic resonator ” because bosqye creates and is home to myth-images, or mythagos, who are creatures including animals, monsters and humans generated from the ancient memories and myths within the subconscious of nearby human minds. Myth and ModernityNew York: Jul 03, Wanda rated it liked holdsrock Shelves: Such a one was Steven Huxley’s father, George Huxley. Anyway the book – it pretty much follows the plot outlined on the back of the cover.

For example, a day may pass in normal time, yet a traveller within the wood may have been there for weeks or longer.

This next passage is a good feel for the book and possibly a small spoiler too: What’s the Name o Es una lectura estimulante, sugerente llena de buenas ideas y, en muchos sentidos, imaginada en estado de gracia. Ryhope Woods is full of mythological creatures, familiar heroes such as Robin Hood, and Hercules, but also mythological creatures that existed before written memory.


But it was dramatic, well-done, deep and kinda interesting. If you want a good stand-alone fantasy book I recommend it. He loves that she smells bad and hangs out in trees. Going rohert HK from Shenzhen was an affair.

And they ignored all of the things that I found intiguing: Christian doesn’t want to talk about it.

Mythago Wood – Wikipedia

Eos,page xxii-xxiii. Jung’s brilliant conceptualization of “The Collective Unconscious” provides the underpinnings of Ryhope Wood, of course, but man-aliv Rating: He expects to find his brother, Christian, who is recently married, happily luxuriating in domestic bliss. This is a book about obsession, first with the wood, then with self-creation, and finally with a woman who embodies both that wildness and creation.

Roebrt felt abandoned by George, who left for weeks, even months, hiking and camping in the forest next to their house in Herefordshire, England.

The mythopoetic roots of the story are clear, and the entire experience of reading the tale is one of immersion into a vivified version of The Hero’s Journey: Ryhope Wood is an example of a parallel universe that overlaps a section of the real world. Instead, the denizens of the wood exist in a whirling, aggressive, noncommunicative mishmash. The prose and the buildup of suspense and terror are similar.

Without going too much farther, Harry becomes involved in the mystery of the wood as well. For the Wood is a realm where myths gain flesh and blood, tapping primal fears and desires subdued through the millennia. Critical Essays on the Fiction 1st ed. I liked the overall idea of myth coming to live in a deep dark forest and it had a great deep dark vibe to it, but sometimes I felt lost between myth, reality, explanation, history, beliefs, superstitions and origins of the characters.


Holdstkck can’t really find a flaw in this book but something is lacking for 5 stars.

Mythago Wood (Mythago Wood, #1) by Robert Holdstock

This is a profoundly creative book, holdsgock should not be lumped in with ninety-three volume series books about teenaged girls with Special Gifts and serious badass ‘tudes. One critical study examines the pagan spiritual aspect of Mythago Wood, in particular how “elements of the series’ thesis resonate with pagan worldviews”.

Worse, he smelled horribly, as if he had not bathed in a week. The forest has an hopdstock that interacts with the mytho-creative aspects of people’s minds to produce mythagos, which are expressions of mythic archetypes.

So the three stars are entirely subjective. There is a lot of mythological references both real and imaginary but do not let it put you off the story really is how we deal with the unknown and how we deal with it bosqhe forced to face it.