Overload, Description. Export(String,OutputRange,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. Export(String,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. C1PrintDocument’s native C1DB format ExportProvider. Class, C1dExporter, Represents an object that can be used to export a document to C1D format. Class. Represents a ComponentOne Document. Represents a document that can be previewed, printed or exported to an external format.

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C1DataSchema object representing the data schema built into the current document. Base class for all exporters working over list of pages. ActualCreationPrinterName Gets the sxport of the actual measurement printer which was used to generate the document. Occurs when the BusyState property value has changed.

EmbeddedFonts Gets the collection of fonts embedded in the current document. Derived classes must override the ImageExportProvider. Gets the UsageInfo object containing information related to the current document’s usage: Adds a line to the Body of the current document at a specific position on the current page, and resolves it.

MeasurementGraphics Gets the System. Occurs when the value of a RenderInputBase object within the document has been changed. IsPageCountFinal Gets a value indicating whether all pages have been added to the document being generated. ExportProviders Represents the collection of registered export providers classed derived from ExportProvider. Gets or sets a value indicating whether methods can be called on the current document that would result in the document becoming non-reflowable such as NewPage.

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Export Method (C1PrintDocument)

Dictionary Gets the current document’s Dictionary. This unit is used when sizes or coordinates of objects within the document are set without specifying the unit of measurement explicitly. Graphics object to use as reference when generating the report. TagOpenParen Gets or sets the string used as the opening parentheses when including references to Tag objects in the c1printdpcument document’s texts e.

The default value is FormsStyleEnum. C1Report to Microsoft Excel C1. Indicates whether an inline paragraph is currently being created on the document. This method looks for a printer with a “square” resolution i.

How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a Single PDF

Represents a form for editing the export options used by an EmfExporter. PageUpdated Occurs when a page of the document has been updated. Indicates whether the document is currently being generated. Gets a C1FormatVersion object representing the version of the document persistence format supported by the current assembly.

If an exception occurs, that log is available in the exception data.


ComponentOne / ComponentOne Studio Forum

We will also set VisibilityReasonHandler properties of the signature. Prints the current document with default printer settings, not showing the print progress dialog. Email Required, but never shown.

Sign up using Email and Password.

Export C1PrintDocument to PDF with Digital Signature

Creates a RenderPolygon from a 1cprintdocument of UnitPoint objects, and renders it on the current page, at position specified by the points’ coordinates. RenderBlockVertLine Renders a vertical line with the specified height, starting at the current position, into the block flow of the current document.

CurrentPage Gets the current generating page, returns null if document in not generating state. Renders an arc into the v1printdocument flow of the current document.

An amount of available vertical space in the block flow in the currently generating page area, value specified in the ResolvedUnit units. PageLayouts Gets the collection of page layouts used in the current document.