THE CANTONMENTS ACT, (ACT NO. II OF ). [16th February, ]. 2. An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of. Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. (1) This Act may be called the Cantonments Act, . (xiii) “Executive Officer” means the person appointed under this act to be the Executive Officer of a.

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Evidential value of assessment list. Provided that where, owing to any works or repairs or from any other cause, the condition of any street or of any water-works, drain, culvert or premises vested in thea[Board], is such as to be likely to cause danger to the public, thea[Board] shall- a take all reasonable means for the protection of the adjacent buildings and land and provide reasonable means of access thereto: Provided also that the Government shall forthwith direct that the term of office of such a Board shall cease if, in the opinion of the Government, the reasons stated in the declaration whereby such Board was constituted, or its term of office was extended, have ceased to exist.

Prevention of fire, etc. Control over sources of public water-supply. If the Board fails to pay any costs awarded to an appellant within ten days after the date of the order for payment thereof, the Officer awarding the costs may order the person having the custody of the balance of the cantonment fund to pay the amount.

Thier pages shall be similarly machine numbered. Provided that it shall be lawful for the 1 [District Court], upon application or on its own motion, to review any order passed by it in appeal if application in this behalf is made within three months from the date of the original order.

Inspection of imported goods, etc. Provided that no person shall be punishable for failure to give information if he had reasonable cause to believe that the information had already been duly given. Subject cantomnents any regulation made by the Board under this Chapter, any business may be transacted at any meeting: It is therefore essential to replace the-Ordinance by an Act in the next session of Parliament.

Power to require repair or alteration of building. The instalments of the advance as recovered shall be noted in column 11 of the pay bill and added to the monthly subscription shown therein, a note being made in the remarks column of both the bill and the ledger to show how much is on account of cantpnments of advance and how much on account of the monthly subscription.

Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall apply in the case of a slaughter-house established and maintained by the Government. Saving of articles sold or supplied for medicinal purposes.

Power to require closing of burial or burning grounds. If within a cantonment, or within such limits adjoining a cantonment as the Government may, by notification in the official Gazette define, any person not subject to military or air-force law or any person subject to military or air-force law otherwise than as a military officer or a soldier knowingly barters, sells or supplies, or officers or attempts to barter, sell or supply, any spirituous liquor or intoxicating drug to or for the use of any soldier or follower or soldier’s wife or minor child without the written permission of the Officer Commanding the station or of some person authorised by the Officer Commanding the station to grant such permission, he shall be punishable with fine which may extend to one hundred Taka, or with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months, or with both.


Provided further that the use of any public transport vehicle or vessel or any tramcar or railway carriage by any elector at his own cost for the purpose of going to or coming from any such polling station or place fixed for the poll shall not be deemed to be a corrupt practice under this clause.

The headings of the columns shall follow the items in the budget estimates and the serial number of the sub-vouchers shall always recommence with No. Stacking of collecting inflammable materials.

Indian Numbered Acts

Vice- President or Executive Officer, or of any such member, of any committee as has been specially authorised by the Board in this behalf shall be deemed to be properly signed if it bears facsimile of the signature of any such officer or member, as cantonmebts case may be, stamped thereon.

And may provide for such other matters as the 1 [Board] thinks fit. The words “with the previous sanction of the G. The existing punishment for an offence under this section is considered inadequate in view of the escalation in prices and is being enhanced. The other amendment to substitute a new acct for sub-sections 2 and 3 provides for the publication of tax proposals once only on the lines of similar provisions contained in some municipal laws.

A Board may, by notice in writing, require the owner or part-owner, aft person claiming to be the owner or part-owner, of any building or land in the cantonment, or the lessee or the person claiming to be the lessee of any such land, which, by reason of disuse or disputed ownership or other cause, has remained unoccupied and has become the resort of idle and disorderly persons or of persons who have no ostensible means of subsistence or cannot give a satisfactory account of themselves, or is used for gaming or immoral purposes, or otherwise occasions or is likely to occasion a nuisance, to secure and enclose the same within such time as may be specified in the notice.

Cantonments Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Enclosure of waste acg used for improper purposes. Supply of water from Government water-supply to the Board. Limitation of operation of Act. The cost of the forms supplied shall be paid immediately on receipt of advice from the Manager of the amount due. Objections and disposal thereof. Provided that the Executive Officer may, in any case, order that any article of a perishable nature which cannot be kept for five days without serious risk of damage, or which cannot be kept save at a cost which, together with the amount of octroi, terminal tax or toll, is likely to exceed its value, shall be sold after the lapse of such shorter time as he may, having regard to the nature of the article, think proper.


Save as otherwise expressly provided under this Act, any tax imposed under the provisions of this Act shall be payable on such dates and in such instalments, if any, as thea[Board] may by public notice direct.

Act 15 ofClause CantB and Cant B. The verifying officer shall initial the entries in the registers, and furnish a separate certificate indicating the results of his verification.

The ferrules, communication pipes, connections, meters, stand-pipes and all fittings thereon or connected therewith leading from water mains or from pipes, drains, sewers or channels into any house or land, to which water or gas is supplied by a Board, and the pipes, fittings, and works inside any such cantonmentts or within the limits of any such land, shall in all cases be installed or executed subject to the inspection and to the satisfaction of the Board.

Major head-I Rates and Taxes. This new section is more comprehensive and is in line with the provisions contained in other municipal laws. Felling, lopping and trimming of trees. No adjustment is necessary in the case of refunds of income received in a previous year. The original cost of the property or a valuation made by the Cantonment Board, as well as the cost of any additions made to it from time to time or any decrease in value shall be noted in this register.

Under sub-clause a the penalties prescribed therein for brtich of bye-laws are being enhanced due to cantonnments in pricesSub-clause b seeks to insert new sub-section 2 to the effect that any bye-law framed by the Board may provide that a person contravening the same would be required romedy.

This amendment iss consequent to the amendment ofsection 3 vide clause 3. Similarly, the limits beyond which a contract should be in writing undersection of the Act and up to which the Executive Officer can sign for the Board in time of emergency are propoied to be increased for the same reason from one hundred rupees to five hundred rupees and from five hundred rupees to two thousand and five hundred rupees respectively.

Penalty for keeping market or slaughter-house csntonments without licence, etc. Power to make rules. Vacancies in special cases. No suit or prosecution shall be entertained in any Court against any Board or against any Officer Commanding a station, or against any member of a Board, or against any officer or servant of a Board, for anything in good faith done, or intended to be done, under this Act or any rule or bye-law made thereunder.