The Casio Slim XJ-A uses Casio’s unique hybrid laser/LED light engine and has a good feature set, though its image quality was only. The Green Slim series is the perfect choice for customers looking to upgrade their existing installed projectors. An industry-leading 2x optical zoom means that a. Manufacturers Product Description. The Slim incorporates a CASIO developed and patent pending Hybrid Light Source which combines Laser and LED.

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This thing has a laser. A blue laser that makes.

Review: Casio XJ-A Projector | Sound & Vision

Color me confused, and intrigued. But can it work in a home theater? First, I need to talk about that light source. Most projectors use UHP lamps, which are, effectively, really expensive and powerful light xj-a1146. They generate a lot of light for relatively little energy, but this isn’t to say they’re remotely efficient.

They still generate a ton of heat. Worse, they’re a wear part. As you use the projector mostly as you xk-a146 it on and offthe bulb gets dimmer and dimmer, eventually failing completely and requiring a several-hundred-dollar replacement. New on the scene is the LED as a light source. There are many benefits to LED, not least or those better color and much better longevity. Casio has gone a slightly different route – one I hadn’t seen before – that’s rather fascinating in its differentness.


Instead of three LEDs one for each primary color: Cxsio using a laser they.

As if using lasers wasn’t weird xj-a46, the blue laser is also used to create the green light. It does this by firing at a green phosphor, which lights up when excited by the blue light.

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Roughly the size of a thin phone book remember those? Like pretty much all small projectors, there’s an upwards throw, so you’ll need to mount it above or below your screen.

There are two adjustable feet at the back and a lever-like foot at the front to help you get the angle right if you’re placing it on a table. There wasn’t a review sample available for the A, otherwise I’d have picked that one. The remote is about the size of the palm of my hand, and has buttons for seemingly every aspect of the projectors performance and feature. Shockingly, there are motorized zoom and focus controls. I’ve reviewed expensive “big” projectors that don’t have this.


If you’re planning on using the A as a portable projector, the magnetic lens cap is pretty trick. I feel like I’m missing something. Hey, where the hell is the green? While undoubtedly cool and interesting, it’s still a projector and we have to judge it as such.

Setup Roughly the size of a thin phone book remember those?

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