Part Lists & Dimensions · PT Pilot® · Technical Notes · MOVIGEAR®: Click to learn about this innovative product! 2D/3D CAD. bly is also carried out completely by SEW-EURODRIVE. In combination with our drive electronics, these drives provide the utmost in flexibility. Products of the. Catalogo Reductores SEW. Uploaded by Yosmer David Bolaño. reductores sew sequences, servo drive systems by SEW-EURODRIVE offer a flexible and.

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Try again to copy the data or perform the factory setting “Delivery state” and a reset first. The proximity switches must be connected so the value in H increases when the motor turns clockwise. Check whether the unit is de-energized. Reference travel establishes the reference point machine zero for absolute positioning operations Automatic mode Selecting the target position using five virtual binary inputs binary coded Checkback of the selected target position at the start of movement using five virtual binary outputs binary coded Confirmation that the selected position has been reached via virtual binary output “Target position reached” Manual MOVIMOT Table positioning 7.

Limit the maximum speed at the inverter. Set the setpoint potentiometer f1 to “10”: The motor must be dried if the insulation resistance is not adequate.

This means the accuracy of reductorex reference position depends on the switching accuracy of the reference cam. The documentation is written for all employees who assemble, install, start up, and service this product.

Limit the maximum current on the inverter.

SEW-EURODRIVE Support: Documentation & Software

We provide service that fits the local conditions to clients in every redductores and. The connection to the EIB is established via a bus connecting terminal at the More information. If an acknowledged motor protection fault occurs again shortly after the acknowledgement, you must first determine the cause for the fault and remedy it. Typical characteristic curve of KTY: Harmful situation Possible consequences: Rosemary Johnston 1 years ago Views: However, the brakes of eew CMP.


If damages caused by other factors or after the warranty period, DOFINE will continue to provide services with reasonable price to the customer. Troubleshooting a Variable Frequency Drive Newsletter Introduction In many industrial and commercial plants, automation of any process and associated control relies heavily on motors and adjustable speed.

Installation Install the DeviceNet Module using the following procedure: Use suitable measuring instruments for current measurements. It is now possible to set the required operating mode. The maximum values for the different brake sizes are listed in the following table.

Notes regarding the connection of the power and signal cables via the connector system The cable entry of the power and signal cable is installed using an adjustable right-angle connector.

Operating Instructions – CMP Synchronous Servomotors

If manual brake release [6] is installed: Extension cables for power and feedback cables rreductores listed in the “Synchronous Servomotors” catalog. In addition to that, they must be familiar with the relevant safety regulations and laws, especially with the requirements of the performance levels according to DIN EN ISO and all other standards, directives and laws specified in this documentation. It is only possible to select table cells that contain position entries.

The working air gap cannot be adjusted. Close the two boreholes with new closing caps [1]. After replacing the brake disk, the maximum braking torque is reached only after several cycles. Rua Dona Francisca, Speed Reducer Sewing Machine 1: Operating Instructions — CMP Synchronous Servomotors 33 Electrical installation Notes regarding the connection of the power and signal cables via the con- 5 Switched-mode power cables include in particular: Please visit our website at www.


See also chapter “Measuring the working air gap of the BY brake”.

Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Check the supply system leads for phase fault.

The values are based on the assumption that you operate the lever at the upper end. Shorten telegram cycle or select “acyclical. Box Chempet Cape Town Tel. Ruta Panamericana Km Correct connection of the KTY is essential to ensure proper evaluation of the temperature sensor.

Screw in studs [56] 4. De-energize the motor and brake, safeguarding them against unintentional powerup. You must first move to the position you want to save as a new table position.

Professional manufacturer multi stage sew helical gear motor speed reducer gearbox. Unauthorized reproduction, modification, distribution or any other use of the whole or any part of this documentation is strictly prohibited.

The positions are in binary coded format: Check thatmovimot has been connected correctly see the section “Installation”. Chinese supplier Helical Gearbox R Series motors with factory direct sale price.

Manual. MOVIMOT Table Positioning. Edition 04/2004 C5.B / EN

Relevancy Transaction Esw Response Rate. After threading the leads through the brake endshield, crimp the pins onto the leads Right to technical changes and errors reserved. The brake has a standard supply voltage of DC 24 V and operates with one or two braking torque ratings for each motor size.

No part of this work may be More information.