Hello! A german walkthrough is available at ceville walkthrough We will also help in the forum. Kind regards!. Popular Steam Guides Written guides, references, and walkthroughs podrás seguir todos los pasos necesarios para traducir el juego “Ceville” al castellano. For Ceville on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Link to walkthrough:”.

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There’s cevillf new drink Coconut Dream made from fresh coconut. Ceville is in the cell. Take note of the little castle on the table by the wall. Enter the throne room. Ambrosius, the heroic paladin appears. Talk to El Chollo again about the hair tonic and fraud. Lilly joins the gang.

Talk to the young girl. Ask about the moderator and Lilly will volunteer Ceville. Listen to the former villains talk about doing good deeds and may become paladins.

Lo falls down the trapdoor. Ceville sees the artifact inside the Druidic shrine – soccer balls. Give him the full mug of water. The requirements needed are: The duel is soccer game.

She also needs 2 candidates-models and a moderator. Lilly mentions that right tool is needed to detect the key. For Questions or Comments on this Walkthrough, Please walkhrough to: Search for Ambassador of Heroes. The guards only take the helmet off on special occasion like when the queen goes out to the balcony. Jack’s grave is between the wood headstones of Jack the gravedigger at right and Adania at left.

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See a patched electrical cable of the logging Tree Whacker mechanism right of wwalkthrough relaxation chamber. Use the green paint on the elemental symbols.

Ceville Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

Use-click the chef hat in inventory. Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Hints.

The secretary brings the doctored coffee. The prompter helps Ceville on what to say. If the chef comes back and kicks the king out of his domain; start over – eat snack, hide in the grandfather clock and ring the bell. Use grapes with focal point of the tanning bed right of the area. He will show how the logging mechanism works. Just before being allowed to go through the gates, the bell rings.

Get this guide started! Use the clothespin and Cevilke automatically places it on his nose. Use old rag with unusual lamp. The guards ceille Ceville in the torture room. Give the chocolate cherries to hamster in wheel. Learn that she’s the fairy ambassador here at Faeryanis, which makes her a councilor. The other dialogues are funny though. See that walkthrougn sleeps with her wand.


Take the fairy ambassadorial papers that the fairy walkhtrough. Talk to the good fairy. The good fairy agrees to take part in the Showstar contest at the theatre. Right click the silent stone head and see that it doesn’t have a tongue like the other 3. Search for Ambassador of the Monsters. Try to take the crowbar on the floor right of the Councilor.

Link to walkthrough: – Ceville Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

That’s a neat trick! Talk to the councilor again. Take the wanted poster of Ceville. Use boarding axe with large Ceville statue behind the throne. Take the spade leaning on the tree left of the steps.

Basilius orders Lilly to clean. Use loaded slingshot with sharpener with termites to get termite slingshot. Use the stage hook with the sleeping fairy. Use large ladle with grandfather clock. Go to the fairy house. Check the dining room door and see that it is locked.