Halting State [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , Sergeant Sue Smith of the Edinburgh constabulary is. CHARLES STROSS Halting State is the book William Gibson’s Spook Country should have been. For one thing, it’s actually about what it would (will?) be like. “Halting State” wasn’t intended to be predictive when I started writing it in . t3knomanser replied to this comment from Charlie Stross.

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Perhaps that suits you, perhaps every decision should be taken by Westminster. And what we’re left with is pieces of augmented reality and online games which are effectively “playing” real life. It will, of course, be mismanaged and built around revenue generation and not privacy, so it will be abused pretty much instantly. The DOA specifically assigns the sovereignty of Scotland to vest not in the person of a head of state, nor in the institution of a parliament, but in the body politic as a whole.

As someone with close associations with the names: This is a shameless exploitation of the rest of the UK to support a city state. I read “Accelerando” by the same author last year and absolutely loathed it.

The “White Paper” fails for me because it declares three basic assertions, all of which have to stand: Google Books helped me find “the Wager”. Get to Know Us.

I’m not convinced that there actually is much demand for right of centre policies in Scotland. Reminded me of the character being labeled a sex offender after being caught on camera kissing a girl at 16 iirc.


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Halting State – Wikipedia

I’m going to go ahead and talk about it regardless, but if you’re worried about broad spoilers nothing too specific, I promisethis might not charlws the review for you. I wasn’t bothered by it at all, and in fact found it refreshing. View all 8 comments. And that was the last time the book gave me something I liked.

Welcome to the reality of the movie ‘Brazil. It took a long time to figure out what the heck I was reading. Where to erect it?

Halting State (Halting State, #1) by Charles Stross

Interesting science fiction speculative story with game play, mystery, cops and robbers and espionage all taking place in Scotland and Europe. Also drawn in to the unfolding mystery are Elaine Barnaby, an insurance investigator, and Jack Reed, a programmer and inveterate gaming geek who is offered an exorbitant fee to assist Elaine in getting to the bottom xtate Avalon Four’s infiltration. Dirk, have you actually been checking the relevant documents?

The biggest modeling headache I have is how to reconcile the attractive notion of a personal tree chaeles with the physical reality that not all trees are created equal. For an alternative I suggest you read MacDonald Fraser’s masterly short history: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Stross plays it safe by predicting almost nothing. In-game assets can make you real-world money. As with many such books, Halting State makes use of the conspiracy-implicit idea that the main characters, having seemingly been thrown together by chance, were actually manipulated into meeting and groomed to play their roles from the very beginning.


I have encountered maybe one other book not that I can name it that uses this device, and I can hallting how it haoting aggravate some people or entice others.

There were attempts, too, to recruit potential informants from the games’ tech-friendly users. Refresh and try again.

If those had been the focus of the plot and Stross had been brave enough to go there and make awesome sense of it, this could have been as good as Snow Crash. Cyberpunk books often try to mix two or more themes together and usually are confusing and unsuccessful. The sentence becomes as much about Sue as it is about Marcus Hackman. As in so many deliriously complex suspense yarns, we’re treated here to a denouement featuring what I call the Big Explaino, that familiar scene in which, once the dust has settled, one character lays it all out for all the other characters and us and explains everything that’s been going haltinb in comfy exposition.

Halting State

The book is haltign its second printing in the United States. Then of course there is the matter of crimes being committed inside a MMOG and the in depth look from both the player and the developer points of view along with their accompanying exposition learning curves.

Angleton, Sir, but that hex matrix can’t ward off a Cthulu grade entity.