Can anyone help me with finding an operating manual online for a la Cimbali junior?. Discover La Cimbali M21 Junior espresso and cappuccino machine: designed and built for those caterers who have limited space at disposal. Available into. -i-have-got-it-pdf-thtml parts diagram there too.

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Need service manual for La-Cimbali Junior S/1 Expresso Ma

Best of luck Share Share this post on Digg Del. Have mocked up the plumbing. The experts should be along soon to appraise your new toy.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Traditional Machines Traditional Machines. Anyway CSers, what do you think? They are very solid units and it sounds like your boiler etc is in particularly good nick, so Id do a strip and rebuild and you will have a great coffee machine which will continue to provide reliable service for decades to come Would there be anyone out there that can cimbsli with a.

It was then a simple matter to drill out the group head hole with the old broken off straw in it, tap into the old thread with a 10mm tap, and then re-insert the new straw. So you must remove group and clean both group and heat excanger and the copper pipes to them. That sounds about right to me.


Cimbali Junior Rebuild

It is often most pronounced near welds where the two parts are joined uneven surface where the water can concentrate and a slightly different metal which promotes the chemical reaction at that spot. Website use — information relating to the ways in which you use the website and open or forward our correspondence, including information collected through cookies for more details please manuql our Cookies Policy.

It lowes don’t have it try auto part stores. I was realy impressed by the quality. So, how does one put an SSR on a Sirai? I would definitely not mess with the vacuum break valve to convert it into a well for a themocouple.

There is a “F 5 92” on the element plate, which is the only thing resembling a date I could cibmali, other than the sticker on the control cover. Only those people who need to use your personal data for relevant purposes shall have access to it. We also find that if the input is left floating by the switching circuit in the off state that the relay can randomly switch on and off v ac input so we use a dummy load across the input to ensure the input terminals have no potential in the off state.

How can this be resolved. Judging ,anual the label would it be a ? New pump new elementand a bit of elbow grease. Newest models have feelers now so cimbali thought it was a crappy system also. But nonetheless, the pressure within the boiler is 2 bar. Suggest you ask for a annual preventive maintenance from your local service Cimbali dealer.


Cimbali M21 Junior leaking Equipment doesn’t work?


Cimbalii have an other one I recon. High quality espresso and cappuccino M21 Junior is a machine designed and built for those caterers who, although have limited space at disposal, still want to offer traditional Italianstyle espresso coffee and cappuccino.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! The Gicar Controller has 9 connections one of which is marked “G”.

Looking for La Cimbali Junior M21 Owner’s Manual

The existing Ulka does seem to work, but is pretty slow in its flow and seems to lose pressure easily like, put my finger vimbali the outlet pipe and can stop the flow completely.

Chef’s Mark 14 in An unfortunate side effect of dabbling in Quantum mechanics and philosophy, I think. Just dont use brute force or youll bend the boiler and possibly crack the joints.

I am missing a lot of water, and sometimes I am not getting any coffee in my cup.