jDLMS is a Java implementation of the DLMS/COSEM protocol. It can be used to develop individual DLMS/COSEM client/master and. based communication while DLMS is a binary protocol. This document provides overview of COSEM modeling of metering devices, addressing and DLMS. The open smart grid platform supports DLMS/COSEM (IEC ]. DLMS/ COSEM is a popular protocol to read smart meters. DLMS/COSEM is the de facto .

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A library needed for security algorithms. Server Address The server address consists of the physical address and the address of the logical device. Views Read Edit View history. The client ID 16 is a special client ID, which refers to the public client for which no authentication or encryption is required.

A logical name is actually an OBIS code. You can execute it using the jdlms-console-client script found in the folder run-scripts.

Microstar Electric Company Limited

In this case both client and server are authenticated. The general cozem consists of a “sign on” sequence, in which a handheld unit identifies itself to the metering unit. A temporary session key that can optionally be used instead of the global encryption key by encryption mechanisms. It is a 6 byte number that uniquely identifies an object in a logical device. DLMS Services After the connection to a logical device has been established, a client can send service prottocol to the server.


F Defines the storage of the data, identified by A to E e.

jDLMS User Guide – DLMS/COSEM – OpenMUC

The following authentication mechanisms also called security levels exist: Defines the storage of the data, identified by A to E e. If the parameter required is in low security group, a password authentication of the HHU is required before information can be read. This describes some registers that describe the current count of metered units i. HLS 3 MD5 is used. Other IEC parts deal with Electricity metering – Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control. You will not need this application if you simply want to use the jDLMS library.

The jDLMS server comes with an annotaion processor. Lowest Level Security 0 No authentication is used.

The dependencies folder in the distribution contains more detailed license and copyright information about these dependencies. Thus if you changed code protkcol want to rebuild a library you can do it easily with Gradle.

Short Name Referencing The second way to address an attribute or method is by means of the so called short address. Command Line Application A command line application is part of the library that can be used to connect, read, write and scan DLMS devices. These selective access parameters are defined as part of the attribute specification.


Executing the script without any parameters will print help information to the screen. The annotation processor can be applied using the following gradle build script.

Obis code for each of its objects. The protocol is usually half-duplex.

IEC – Wikipedia

The six bytes have the following meaning: The value group E defines further processing or classification of quantities identified by value groups Protoco, to D e. Many meters offer an optical interface at the front of the meter. Most metering units have special modes for calibration and resetting meter registers.

E The value group E defines further processing or classification of quantities identified by value groups A to D e. Only bytes C and D are mandatory. The cryptographic algorith used for authentication depends on the HLS level:.