Crabwalk has ratings and reviews. Steve said: R.I.P. Günter Grass ( ) Crabwalk, by Günter GrassGünter Grass’ Im Krebsgang appeare. The author of the Tin Drum takes on the worst maritime disaster in history, the sinking of a German cruise ship packed with refugees by a Soviet sub, a. In a novel that has already attracted attention on both sides of the Atlantic, Nobelist Grass (Too Far Afield) employs a compelling vehicle for his latest excursi.

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In fact, the text flows relatively smoothly: Grass deliberately uses the structure of a traditional ‘novella’ to convey the historical events and their impact on his group of Germans. There is also talk about the civilian victims but evasion of the fact that the ship was also evacuating a U-boat depot.

Grass’s account of the sinking of the Gustloff, when it comes, is detailed enough to neutralise any trass reading, making the incident unavailable for propaganda.

Tulla speaks with a strong accent a form of Low German described by the narrator as ‘Langfursch’, after the part of Danzig she is from.

Also, in the final third or so of the novel, I found that there was simply too much information. Either way, my view would likely be coloured by where I grwss to the left or right.

Is this a comment on the German youth in a divided country turning to the order of the past in order to gain a respect of their heritage?

The narrator, Paul Pokriefke, is marked by the event, since his mother was on board, eight months pregnant with him. Chegou a altura dele para mim. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. But even in “Crab Crahwalk were some sentences which made my heart beat faster and which reflected his exalted style of writing.


Crabwalk (April 1, edition) | Open Library

As the launch is lowered from the boat deck, the women and children trapped in the enclosed promenade deck see it through the plateglass panels.

It was the worst maritime disaster in history; to put it in perspective, the death toll on the Titanic was about 1, Sincehe lived in West Germany, but in his fiction he frequently returned to the Danzig of his childhood. InGrass caused controversy with his disclosure of his Waffen-SS service during the final months of World War II, which he had kept a secret until publishing his memoir that year. Highly intelligent, he is characterised as a ‘loner’ by his parents.

But this book transcends its German setting and is important for the rest of us. But it is certainly worth seeing what Grass is up to with his crabwalk in the first half of the novel.

Prose in peril on the sea

In late January,the crahwalk million man Red Army had finally pushed the Axis armies into Germany, and looting, burning, rape and murder were the payback for rcabwalk R. Only about 1, were rescued; among the dead were as many as 4, children.

If you just want to know about the sinking of the ship, it’s all here. Paul Pokriefke, a second-rate middle-aged journalist, born on one of the rescue ships at the time of the sinking, reluctantly takes on the “job”. The structure is complex and confusing. Geass divorced spouses trying to raise a single child results in the child being more attached to his paternal grandmother instead.


After the war she settles in East Germany, and becomes an enthusiastic Stalinist. The namesake of the ship was a Swiss Nazi who had been assassinated by a Jew in It gave me a good sense of the people who had been zealousrather overzealous, about their ideas beforeduring and after the second world war, and how they used to think and act.

It is hard to distinguish between “Good” and “Bad” when many people suffered grzss the circumstances of this World War, even the “Bad Ones”, the Germans.

On January 30,a Russian submarine fired three torpedoes at the MV Wilhelm Gustloff, a passenger ship built to hold 1, people that had more than 10, aboard, most of them German refugees fleeing the advancing Red Army. It often comprises a didactic angle or moral message. He is concerned with what the future holds. In fact, the book appeared during a period of debate in Germany after W.

View all 3 comments. I sensed that he was speaking as much to his countrymen as to the world in general. It seems absurd to classify their deaths as crwbwalk mere crabwal damage.

In brief, the plot deals with a journalist whose mother was on a Nazi morale ship that was sunk in wartime, as well as the journalist’s son, Konny.