Escala de FINE para evaluar la gravedad y el riesgo de mortalidad de la Neumonía Adquirida en la Comunidad. gravedad de la neumonía no sólo es crucial para la decisión Sin embargo, los criterios empleados para admitir En un estudio multicéntrico, Fine y cols con-. La estratificación del riesgo de la neumonía adquirida en la comunidad (NAC) a o escala de Fine y el CURB, útiles sobre todo para evaluar la necesidad de Los criterios de la normativa ATS-IDSA de son los más utilizados para.

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This categorization method has been replicated by others [7] and is comparable to the CURB in predicting mortality. Patients and methods The Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca in Murcia Spain is a university teaching hospital comprising beds, of them belonging to the General Hospital. As other authors 20,21we think that age must be considered a very important predictor of severity and therefore mortality fien patients with CAP.

Pacientes con elevados grados de FINE-3,4,5 reflejan ingresos apropiados, comorbilidades importantes y riesgo grave o muy grave. Eur Respir J, 20pp. Thorax, 58pp.

Pneumonia severity index – Wikipedia

Mean hospitalization stay was calculated excluding patients who died to avoid artificial low stays in more severe patients. The initial management decision of patients with CAP is to determine the site of care outpatients or hospitalization in a medical ward or ICU and this depends on the severity of the disease.

A prospective validation is required to assess the generalization of these findings. Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca. Numerical inputs and neuminia Formula. Patient’s clinical records were assessed until in-hospital death or discharge. The Journal is published both in Spanish and English. The site-of-care home or hospital greatly determines the extensiveness of the diagnostic evaluation, critetios route of antimicrobial fihe and the economical cost.


Eur Respir J, 26pp. Risk factors of treatment failure in community acquired pneumonia: Patient and Hospital Characteristics associated with recommended processes of care for elderly patients hospitalized with Pneumonia.

There were no other exclusion criteria. Body plethysmography Spirometry Bronchial challenge test Capnography Diffusion capacity. Reaching stability in Community-Acquired Pneumonia: For most patients crriterios, the CURB is easier to use and requires fewer inputs. Arch Intern Med ; Sputum culture Bronchoalveolar lavage. However, mortality was 0.

Pneumonia severity index

Arch Intern Med,pp. Aged, 80 and over. Eur Respir J, 20pp. CAP will continue to represent an important threat to patients as the number of patients at risk people with comorbid conditions and elderly ones increases 2. Community-acquired pneumonia in Europe: Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? Observational study of patients with CAP admitted to a tertiary care university hospital. This prediction rule may help physicians make more rational decisions about hospitalization for patients with pneumonia.

Arch Bronconeumol, 41pp. But the site-of-care decision is also medically important 3,4 as hospitalization and admission to the intensive care unit ICU increases the risk of thromboembolic events and superinfection by more virulent or resistant hospital bacteria.

Severe CAP is a life-threatening condition and identification of patients likely to have criterio major adverse outcome is a key step in reducing the mortality rate of CAP Whitcomb 28 September Factores relacionados con la mortalidad durante el episodio y tras el alta hospitalaria. Because of the possible etiological differences between the three groups, distinct etiological tests and empiric antibiotic treatments will be required in each subgroup, although a possible pneumococcal etiology should always be considered, since Streptococcus pneumoniae is the most common etiology of CAP in all three groups.


Defining community acquired pneumonia severity on presentation to hospital: Eso reduce la mortalidad. Mean hospitalization stay was 7. It is estimated that in Spain between 1. Formula Addition of selected points, as above. Geriatric Assessment and Prognostic Factors of Mortality in The PSI stratifies patients on the basis of 20 variables to which points are assigned into low and higher risk of short-term mortality and links this quantification of illness severity to an appropriate level of outpatient treatment Fine I and IIbrief inpatient observation Fine III or more traditional inpatient therapy Fine IV and V.

Chest,pp. A cohort of patients with CAP was studied.

One significant caveat to the data source was that patients who were discharged home or transferred from the MedisGroup hospitals could not be followed at the day mark, and were therefore assumed to be “alive” at that time.