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Modern Programming Languages (CS508)

Reason is as following!!! It has cs58 simple data abstraction model. Another factor in your decision is the amount of sample code and the quantity of reference implementations available.

Fortran’s strong history means that there is a wealth of numerical code available for download and even with a trip to the library.

As always you will need to sift through it to find the good stuff. Memory Management in Java. JVM has mainly two area. Heap area cs58 into two one is called young generation and one is old.

Young generation is the place where all the new objects are created. When young generation is filled, garbage collection is performed. Important Points about Young Generation Spaces: Most of the newly created objects are located in the Eden hwndouts space. When Eden space is filled with objects, Minor GC is performed and all the survivor objects are moved to one of the survivor spaces.


CS – Modern Programming Languages

Minor GC also checks the survivor objects and hancouts them to the other survivor space. So at a time, one of the survivor space is always empty. Objects that are survived after many cycles of GC, are moved to the Old generation memory space. Memory Management in Java — Old Generation. Old Generation memory contains the objects that are long lived and survived after many rounds of Minor GC. Java Garbage Collection is the process to identify and remove the unused objects from the memory and handluts space to be allocated to objects created in the future processing.

All these unreferenced objects are deleted and space is reclaimed for allocation to other objects.

One of the basic way of garbage collection involves three steps: This is the first step where garbage collector identifies which objects are in use and which ones are not in use.

Garbage Collector removes the unused objects and reclaim the free space to be allocated to other objects. For better performance, after deleting unused objects, all the survived objects can be moved to be together. This will increase the performance of allocation of memory to newer objects.

There are two problems with simple mark and delete approach. Secondly objects that are in-use for multiple handiuts collection cycle are most likely to be in-use for future cycles too. I have already explained above how objects are scanned and moved from one generational space to another based on the Minor GC and Major GC. There are five types of garbage collection types that we can use ca508 our applications. We just need to use JVM switch to enable the garbage collection strategy for the application.


Serial GC is useful in client-machines such as our simple stand alone applications and machines with smaller CPU.

It is good for small applications with low memory footprint. Parallel GC uses single thread for Old Generation garbage collection. CMS Collector is also referred as concurrent low pause collector. It does the garbage collection yandouts Old generation.

CMS collector tries to minimize the pauses due to garbage collection by doing most of the garbage collection work concurrently with the application threads. CMS collector on young generation uses the same algorithm as that of the parallel collector.

G1 Garbage Collector -XX: The G1 collector is a parallel, concurrent, and incrementally compacting low-pause garbage collector. It divides the heap space into handoouts equal-sized heap regions.

Cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs cs Final term past papers reference by moaz.

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