Day of the Oprichnik has ratings and reviews. Hadrian said: Day of the Oprichnik is heavy and blunt, like the oak clubs of the secret police. Haunting, terrifying and hilarious, The Day of the Oprichnik is a dazzling novel and a fierce critique of life in the New Russia. Moscow (There is, I should say, an extended and rather well-done scene of vigorous ass- fucking in Day of the Oprichnik, as well. It an orgy in the truest.

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I think we’re all fucked enough without having to worry about our mobilovs, our mercedovs, and the dead dog head we have to place on the hood of our cars each morning. New Rus has walled itself off from the west to protect its Russian Orthodox-ness true Christianity. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter. Is there truly worth and truth in their deeds?

Each car is fitted with a dead dog’s head as the hood ornament and a broom behind to show that they sweep Russia clean of the Tsar’s enemies. In he officially rehabilitates all of them. And this little book will surprise you, in many ways.

Sorry, everyone who gets off work at 4: After he settles her scandalous affair, for which he will receive not a girdle or a ring but a token ten-ruble piece, Komiaga cannot help but ask the seer a question of his own:. The property used to belong to a porichnik moneychanger at the Treasury: When the Talented Authors dag directly, in your face, that he is, literally, a shit eater, that he adores shit and takes his readership for shit eaters as well, his faithful fans cry rivers of tears and adore him even more, defend him even loudly and become the very same thing he just called them.

“Day of the Oprichnik”: The fascinating world of Soviet science fiction |

There has been a counter-revolution, the absolute monarchy has been restored, and the Russians are once again living under oprichnjk rule. May 10, Amorfna rated it really liked it.


But the conspirators seem to have devolved somehow from the plateau of Bro’s nobility, becoming more violent and meaner, heedless of the “meat machines” all the humans other than the chosen Brotherhood of Light. Andrei Danilovich Komiaga is fast asleep. Lists with This Book. Want to Read saving….

The answer opdichnik if you get it — would be veeeeeery entertaining. Rusija tog doba je Rusija u potpunosti okrenuta pravoslavlju i tradicionalnim vrednostima. Hardcoverpages. Maybe that’s his strength and his weakness. And you realize they are just violent children playing at brotherhood who stumble home in a drugged stupor like a fraternity member.

Day of the Oprichnik, by Vladimir Sorokin

A cold, snowy morning. Sweeter than cutting off the heads of the enemies themselves. The book opens in contemporary times, and Bro’s opricnhik are still active, continuing to search out the missing 23, Using his unique derisive and comical writing, “Day of the Oprichnik” is recommended to anyone who wants to get a glimpse of today’s Russia and its underlying fanaticism. I liked it better when I skimmed, is my point. Join the discussion Cancel reply Enter your comment here The oprichniki censor plays and rape women whom they have just made widows; they attend lavish parties and take hallucinogenic drugs.

And he will fall in opruchnik even with a number of his colleagues.

There were unsuccessful attempts, when the polish kind Siegizmund III and his chief hetman Hodkevich btw — he was from the polonized and converted to the Catholicism former eastern Slavic nobility of what used to be Kievan Rus to send pamphlets and letters to a number of the most influential and powerful boyars Mstislavskis, Belskis, Vorotynskis, etc.

It was mid s. It’s deliberately over the top, ending in an outright pornographical gangbang of the tbe powerful, but it’s hard to miss the point: Everythin is about stomping out dissension.

Day of the Oprichnik, by Vladimir Sorokin – The Globe and Mail

As with most middle volumes of any trilogy, it’s somewhat protracted and cay. Read it to glimpse the horror. The oprichniks were a semi-monastic brotherhood that acted as enforcers for Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

The author shows us aspects of the Russian character that are not usually known to outsiders, which makes this book endlessly fascinating.


Viel mehr passiert noch, aber auch das Absurde kommt nicht zu kurz. The guard is then joined by two others, and together, they open the valve themselves and fart into the pipeline, eliciting screams and wails from the West. Oh, along with holier-than-thou religion.

All throughout this is Komiaga’s relentless patriotism and good faith in their cause, and you find yourself slowly coming to his point of view. Andrei then chooses the particular breed cay dog head that will be mounted on his mercedov Mercedes oprichnnik order to intimidate all he passes.

Day of the Oprichnik

Komiaga often revels in the freedom of this Russian, but this is only because he is an Oprichnik. But this time oil pipelines, synthetic narcotics and IT share the everyday landscape with a great wall separating Russia from Europe, and a brutal and strictly enforced medieval criminal code.

Maybe it comes as no surprise, then, that one of the primary techniques of the Oprichniks, in their quest “to keep order and exterminate rebellion,” is the policing of literary works. The Iron Curtain was no mere metaphor, but rather an imposing information barrier like the force field around Coventry, Robert Heinlein’s land of dissidents, rogue ideologues, criminals and nonconformists.

Komiaga’s attendant presents him the pick of the day in question – “a shaggy wolfhound, eyes rolled back, tongue touched with hoarfrost, strong yellow teeth” – for his approval. It’s wise and profound. The Oprichniks were Ivan the Terrible’s thugs, a decadent team of raping and torturing servicemen charged with policing interior threats, especially those posed by the nobility.

Day of the Oprichnik isn’t a bad book, in fact, it’s enjoyable to read–something that sounds odd to say when it’s a book featuring a sizable helping of destruction and violence. His death by natural causes at the end of WWII culminates the first book.