Deber y deseo. Front Cover. Pamela Aidan. Suma de Letras Deber y deseo: Trilogía Fitzwilliam Darcy, un caballero II · Pamela Aidan No preview available -. Deber y deseo: Trilogía Fitzwilliam Darcy, un caballero II (Spanish Edition). Pamela Aidan. Click here if your download doesn”t start automatically. Duty and Desire has ratings and reviews. Maria said: Es un sí pero con un enorme pero Es decir, se supone que es la historia de Orgullo y Pr.

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I did find myself liking Georgiana and her recovery from Wickham’s pamelw a lot, though; very believable and well done.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman 2. Darcy did not learn his lesson before Hunsford but Georgiana was working on him while he sought entertainment to banish Elizabeth from his thoughts. Darcy and his valet are more like Batman and Robin This was not Darcy’s greatest moment in my opinion and a large lart of the book I could have easily foregone. It fills in that gap quite nicely and if nothing else it allows the reader to really get to know Mr.

Apr 18, Caitlin rated it did not like it. I must mention though that Elizabeth only appeared in this book in Mr Darcy’s mind.

Deber y deseo(9788483650370)

I was so excited to read this book after reading the first, but I found myself disappointed: Darcy are apart; after he goes off to London with Bingley and before they meet up again at Rosings in aidna Spring. Because they’re not in this novel. View all 5 comments. Anyway, I can only recommend this book if it amuses you to pamla silly melodrama. Yet he must care! The novel starts off with a lot of what one would expect.

Orgullo y prejuicio contado desde la perspectiva de Darcy. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

As a hypothetical foray into the gentleman’s mind when he was so long absent from Meryton, until he met up with Lizzy again at his exalted Aunt’s home, it seseo every reader’s cuppa, but I enjoyed it. Aiden was obviously attempting to give a motivation for why Darcy changed psmela mind about marrying Elizabeth, but what she came up with while admittedly being something that would drive any man into sane Elizabeth Bennett’s arms is just not a situation that I see Darcy getting himself into.


Deber y deseo – Pamela Aidan – Google Books

I would advise potential readers to read the first and third of the series and make up your own story for what happened in the month between. The second instalment on this trilogy enters before Christmas, after the Netherfield party has left.

Pretty good stuff, but completely different and not coming close to touching Austen. The first book in the series covers Pride and Prejudice through the Netherfield Ball pamsla Christmas of that year. The idea of Elizabeth and everything Darcy admires about her is felt all throughout, but she does not make an appearance and one does not feel the lack more on that on my review of the third book: Actually Aidan’s Darcy seems to lack personal limitations aside from detesting Wickham for trying to seduce his sister and is able to handle witty drawing room reparte as easily as he is able to wow his fellows with random displays of swordsmanship dare I hope that this was again meant to be tongue in cheek?

The author does give Darcy another love intersect and thought that was likely that he would try xeseo meet someone else to get over Elizabeth.

What this book does best is illustrate what Darcy stood to lose, in terms of his own standing in society and the values he had been taught to respect, by a marriage with Elizabeth, contrasted by what he would gain from it that, ultimately, leads to a very satisfying end in the latter part of Pride and Prejudice. The author is not forcing these views on you but they are there.

Also, I happen to enjoy Gothic farce. Darcy goes to Pemberley to visit Georgiana and spend a family Christmas for the first time since his father’s death.

H As much as I loved the first book in the series, this one was a big disappointment. Duty to his host or not, I kept thinking — “Darcy, get out of there already. He and his sartorial genius of a valet, Pamlea, must match wits with them all, but especially with the curious Lady Sylvanie. This covers a time when Darcy and Elizabeth do not see each other dese all.


It strikes out into the uncertain waters of a Gothic romance. He soon finds himself embroiled in a mystery with a gothic flair that is more Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights than traditional Auste In Duty and Desire, Pamela Aidan explores the “silent” time that Darcy absent from the narrative of Pride and Prejudice. I think that this was my favorite book from the three and, ironically, it has rather little of Elizabeth Bennett in it.

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Duty and Desire

Dec 30, Myridian rated it liked it Shelves: If the book had been simply an original novel I would have liked it even more. Who is Fitzwilliam Darcy? Some people I have heard didn’t like the mystery or Gothic theme of the second half of the book but I am not one of their number. It’s almost as if the time in the castle was time spent in the Twilight Zone. Not only do we not encounter any of the Bennets, we don’t even return any aspect of the original.

Immoral,untrustworthy,greedy,false,uncaring,and a few other words in this vain describe the guests and hosts. While I do see what Ms. The is never entirely clear in the original.

Duty and Desire is just as silly and badly written as the previous book. I certainly enjoyed a few hours of giggling at the novel’s expense, if I got nothing else of value from it. So the story as a somewhat gothic thriller piece might be interesting, but why divert so completely from the Austen model?

Oct 06, Katharine rated it did not like it Shelves: I had assumed that Darcy’s “pride” was more in aiadn mind of Elizabeth and stemmed from introverted social anxiety.