In this section, you’ll find a complete walkthrough plus boss strategies, and a catalogue of the important treasures and/or items for every area. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Xenogears for PlayStation. If you’ve discovered a cheat you’d. Xenogears → Detonado #44 As Elementais insistem em querer tentar nos parar. The owner of this video has deleted this video, or it has been set to.

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Choose the top selection for a sound test. When shopping at the Beldavik Market, the merchant will give you option to buy it or not. After that, beat the gear you were playing as with Xenogears Fei’s gear.

Rescue Margie Chapter 9: In the earlier part of the game, Fei would not give the ring to Midori. Also, when the hands or mini-angels fly off, you’ll be counter attacked for what’s usually around a combined total of HP if you have Defence.

March 7, at The pad will now xeongears you to a secret room. At the end of the passage, you’ll find a hole. In the first room there is a doll on the table by the door.

Xenogears Shrine – Walkthrough

You can do this at least 3 times before the merchant tells you to leave. Start by turning everyone’s Booster on. Now, hit this thing with Triangle attacks. After you beat it you will get large amount of experience points and an item.


Black Moon Forest Chapter 4: Try putting 2 or 3 power magics on her and see where it leads! Each one eliminates at least one of Deus’ abilities. You’ll meet an old woman who will sell you some Spider Web unless you got the web in the beginning of the game and tell you to fish in the fountain. The way to do it is to reserve some infinity or level 3 attacks until he turns red.

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To get infinite ammo xeongears Billy first you will need 2 guns. Many strategies exist for him, although the best one is to take out at least some of the surrounding orbs first.

Merkava and getting the Xenogears Chapter When you fight Dan, do not hit him at all that also means ether attacks! Emerelda will grow into a full grown woman! Use your best level one combos for both Fei and Bart, hopefully huting the huge gear.

It is holding the Dusk Stone. Keep doing this until everyone is at attack level 3 then let her have it – she will die Best to equip at least 1 GNSR50 on each character you should have at least 5 of these for a real easy fight.


You cannot start at this spot, you’ll have to travel through all over again. Now, wait for a while as Deus may hit your characters numerous times while also using an attack that will spell his own death.

To do this, simply select Player-1’s gear and press the X button to select Player-2’s gear. Lighthouse Extra Chapter 2: Keep in mind that Calamity has Hp.

Xenogears → Detonado #44 As Elementais insistem em querer tentar nos parar

To get Alice’s wedding dress play the game up to the tornament in Bledvic. The explosion is lethal but the party detknado escape before Hamar blows up. If you wander around you will find a store full of Chu-Chus. However, after Shevat has crashed.

This is a useful tip for playing disk 2 of Xenogears. After every one of your attacks, he’ll counter attack, but that isn’t really a problem. Head for the top-right dead end which leads you to a new area.