Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to liquids – Part 3: Method using an absorbent medium (ISO ); German version. Buy DIN EN ISO PAINTS AND VARNISHES – DETERMINATION OF RESISTANCE TO LIQUIDS – PART 3: METHOD USING AN ABSORBENT. DIN EN ISO Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to liquids – Part 3: Method using an absorbent medium (ISO ).

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General introduction and designation system ISO Protective paint systems ISO Colour measurement ISO The test duration shall be agreed between the interested parties and should reflect the end use of the coating.

Collection of data ISO Determination is hardness ISO Assessment of degree of blistering ISO If agreed, compensate for any loss of liquid by adding test liquid or 212-3 conforming to the requirements of grade 3 of ISO at specified intervals, in order to keep the initial volume or initial concentration constant. Particle size analysis by laser diffraction ISO Reference number ISO Super unleaded gasoline acc.


Field method for the turbidimetric determination of water-soluble sulfate ISO If blistering occurs earlier, testing of paint adhesion is izo be performed in that very area. Assessment of the storage stability of thermosetting powders ISO General test methods v.

If several test pieces are immersed in a vessel, these test pieces shall be identical.

Assessment of degree of blistering Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to humidity – Part 2: Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. If agreed, shake or stir the liquid.

ISO Handbook “Paints and varnishes” の収載規格一覧 | 調べ方案内 | 国立国会図書館

Determination of percentage defective particles and of microstructure ISO Method using an absorbent medium ISO Abrasive blast-cleaning ISO Method using an absorbent medium Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to liquids – Part 4: Test yourself or your business online.

Olivine sand ISO Falling-weight test, large-area indenter ISO Goniochromatic paints Automotive fuels – Fatty acid methyl esters FAME for diesel engines Requirements and test methods Automotive fuels – Unleaded petrol – Requirements and test methods Paints and varnishes – Determination of stone-chip resistance of coatings – Part 1: Parties to a contract can only obtain this standard via the B2B supplier platform www.


In the unlikely event that a problem relating to it is found, please inform the Central Secretariat at the address given below. General methods of test ISO The work of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees. Gas-chromatographic method ISO Immediately assess the test piece for blistering as specified in ISO Apply polish with a cellulose pad, let dry and then buff with cotton.

Black matt paint coats are to be cleaned only with clear water with a commercially available wetting agent e. Determination of loss of mass on stoving ISO Evaluate only the area which has been in direct contact with the test liquid. Variable-loading method ISO Pril added, solid and metallic paint coats using commercially available polish.

General introduction ISO Visible changes to the color and other changes to the paintwork such as cracks, chalking or blistering are not 282-3.

Coal furnace slag ISO Ashing method ISO Use only analytical-grade chemicals.