Diplopia by Paul Vigil – EFFECT: From the creator of Ladybug. A deck is borrowed and shuffled. The spectator and magician boththink of. DIPLOPIA $ A participant’s deck is borrowed and shuffled. This is a completely free choice. With no questions asked, the performer finds the spectator’s card. Diplopia. Written by Paul Vigil. Work of Paul Vigil. 31 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished Illustrated with photographs. Language: English.

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Inside this book not only shows you how to perform an incredible piece of magic, but it also lets you in on just how intense of a process goes into creating something so special.

I hope you like it! Do your eyes move? We magicians are of a unique lot. How did you do that?!

But I dipoopia do the colour effect plus one of the others maybe. A real photograph, signed by the spectator, is torn into four pieces.

Paul Vigil | Paul Vigil Shop

The ebook is VERY thorough, and each behind-the-scenes technique such as card clocking is taught so extensively that they take up 10 pages on their own. Featured Specials test All products.


Do you already have an account? And when the diplooia deck went, he was silent, lol. It utilizes so many great concepts in magic to create the best routine of the year.

The Magic Cafe Forums – “Diplopia” by Paul Vigil

Red, black, red, black, red, black. Yes,Yes,Yes, people are still writing books. I had such great reactions all day that it was an absolute pleasure to have to work, lol. Don’t give up on this one.

Sep 12, Messages: I personally see this in my normal routine as soon as I can get it streamlined to fit my presentation. It was now full of gum! Highlights for me were Pocket Protector-a clever prediction using an Alex Elmsly move. Shopping Cart [ 0 ] Items. A high rating means he has no idea. And he did it three times! This debut collection from Rich Aviles has a lot of great material in it.

Could you possibly make a video of yourself performing it? The rest of the routine is almost stupidly simple. So even when I’m working with dupes or missing cards I can still perform Vigll. When I did, he was floored.

Magic Reviews by Cameron Ramsay Hello readers! The routine can play in street magic, close up, or even stage settings.


None of us could believe our eyes! I mean this was some seriously Golden Ticket magic going on right here.


I love magic like this. It was like Bruce Lee stuff!

This trick is a tough one for me because it’s not a new “plot” at all at least I’m pretty sure I’ve read a few with the same premisebut obviously there is something special in the method that makes this version xiplopia your admiration.

Aug 2, A high rating means he has no idea. Or maybe he took his ring off, hypnotized us, went out for a coffee, hung out with some druids, wrote a few spells, had a hamburger, came back, put the ring back on, and unhyptnotized us. As a result, the reveal came across as a real kicker. It is totally impromtu. I would expect them to do the very thing that Jeff has ;aul us to do. I can also confidently say that the audience enjoys it too. Andy Gladwin and Joshua Jay are bringing sexy books back and I am certainly loving it.

Cheers, Jason Right on.